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As I was browsing through the other day I came across a fantastic article aptly named FINDATION.  As soon as I read about a website that can match your current foundation to numerous brands, solely based on foundations that you already own and know are the right shade for your skin tone, I was hooked and had to find out more! is GENIUS!!

I cannot count the number of times I have been frustrated by buying the wrong colour foundation.  Sure, in the tiny mirrors and bad lighting of a store, its easy to be fooled into thinking you have the right shade of foundation, but head my warning – you will never get the correct foundation match in unnatural lighting, ever!  There have been many occasions where I’ve tried foundation on my jaw line, nose, back of hand, wrist, cheek (need I go on – basically I looked ridiculous in several streaks of colour), thought I’d chosen the correct shade and then hit the natural light of day only to realise that it is in no way, shape or form, the right colour at all!

Then there’s the brands that you’d love to buy, but can only get online and thus have no idea what shade to even start to contemplate as your match as you can’t colour swatch foundation online now can you?!  StrawberryNet has an amazing array of foundation brands that you can’t normally get your hands on in NZ and at incredibly affordable prices, however, it’s not exactly saving money when you buy a foundation that is completely the wrong colour for you with.  Enter……..

It’s so simple and from my experience with Findation, pretty damn accurate!  You basically enter the site, it asks you to input 3 or 4 brands you have used or are using currently (even including BB Creams) that you are happy with.  It will then bring up all the varieties within that brand along with all the shades within that tier and you hit the ‘Find My Matches’ button.  In about 2 seconds you are presented with an amazing array of all the foundation brands and shades that match you skin tone without even leaving your computer (or entering a badly lit store)!

Head along and check it out.  I loved it and thought you might too

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