Accessorise With The Latest Wearable Technology – The Uber Chic New ‘RINGLY’

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Wearable technology has come a long way, but we’ve not yet seen anything quite this stylish… RINGLY is smart jewellery that connects to your phone and notifies you about the things that matter most.

Jewellery Meets Technology! Accessorise With The Latest Wearable Technology - The Uber-Chic New 'RINGLY'

If you’re tired of catching up with friends who stare into their cell screen the entire time, or if you suffer from this affliction yourself (we probably fall into this category) there’s now a super chic answer to this social faux pas and it comes in the form of a stylish ring, which lights up and vibrates, notifying you of everything from a phone call to a tweet, text messages to Facebook notifications and all without once needing to glance at your phone. Simply download the RINGLY App, don the ring – and you’re good to go!

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Who’s pre-ordering theirs today?

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