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It would be an understatement to say that there have been a lot of new beauty releases arrive over the last few weeks; and with a myriad of items to sort through, we’ve selected only the best to show you (who has time to hear about anything but the best right?) and there’s a swag of amazing new goodies to get excited about. Oh, and we’ve tried them all – from hair care to skin care, makeup and more, check out all the best new releases that have landed on our beauty counter this month…


MAC – Alluring Aquatic Collection
Beauty News - Best New Releases

Lets start with saying MAC’s Alluring Aquatic collection is one of the most beautifully packaged ranges we’ve seen in quite some time (yes, we’re that shallow – we’re all about the packaging) well not just the packaging obviously – the product itself is of course, as with all MAC makeup – fabulous! But can we just touch on the limited edition teal packaging again – accented with sheer water droplets, reminiscent of having just emerged from the sea, this new collection is proving to be a popular one, with a record number of people swooping on the range through MAC’s online stores the moment the range became available. The Extra Dimension formula is phenomenal and glides on like silk! There’s no chalky or dry products in the this range, just perfectly formulated Extra Dimension goodness! The Alluring Aquatic colour range has a muted palette focus, but there’s nothing dull about this collection; and if you’re hoping to get your hands on something from the range, don’t wait around, it’s flying out the door at rapid speeds.

Benefit Cosmetics – They’re Real Push-Up Liner & They’re Real Remover

Creating the perfect ‘winged eye’ is no longer unattainable! Heck, creating any eye-look where liner is involved is forever going to be attainable thanks to benefit’s new ‘They’re Real Push-Up Liner’. We’re not exaggerating when we say – this is hands-down THE BEST liner we’ve EVER used! Trying to describe this fabulous new beauty tool seems almost impossible – In pen form, its shaped like it’s ready to create the perfect ‘winged-eye’ with a soft, rubbery, pliable tip. It has a ‘twist’ function that pushes the product up to the top – ready to apply. It glides on like a kohl, yet the appearance is that of a liquid liner. It feels like velvet and is totally controllable when creating any line. Even as makeup artists, we too feel that little moment of apprehension when we’re about to embark on creating a winged-eye, but we swear, They’re Real Push-Up Liner is the best foolproof liner you’ll ever use! It’s lash-hugging gel liner consistency gives optimum precision and we’re willing to bet, every girl, with this pen-liner in hand, will be creating a flawless winged-eye, every single day!

Now if you’re a regular ‘they’re Real!’ wearer (who isn’t using Benefit’s they’re Real! mascara?) then you’ll know that the products (including the Push-Up Liner) from this range stay on all day. So much so that an amazing makeup remover is required at the end of the day to ensure there’s no remnants of the day on your pillow. Cue ‘they’re Real Remover’. Benefit’s they’re Real! Remover lifts away long-wearing & waterproof makeup and is gentle on the delicate skin around the eye area. It has a fab gel consistency that dissolves makeup with little to no effort. Brilliant!


There’s a few fabulous new hair care lines, starting with a product we could have done with many times in the past, and we’re sure many of you would agree you could’ve done with this at least once in your life, directly following a hair mis-hap.  Introducing JoBaz Hair Colour Remover – saving hair colour mishaps one home-treatment at a time…

JoBaz Hair Colour Remover (JHCR)
Beauty News - Best New Releases
Ever applied a hair colour only to find that it’s not the colour you were hoping for?  Applied a brown dye that’s come out dark red, a red that’s turned out more on the dark side of noir? Or maybe you’ve just had a salon mis-hap! JoBaz Hair Colour Remover is going to be the answer to your hair prayers! JHCR shrinks the artificial dye molecules, safely removing all traces of hair dye, leaving you with your natural colour. Sound amazing? Find out more about JHCR here:

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Moisture Gloss range
Beauty News - Best New Releases
This new range consisting of shampoo, conditioner and a 10 day shine mask contains innovative shine-sealing lamination technology, covering hair like a net to provide an overall shine effect.  There’s nothing we love better than a hair care range that gives us glossy, shiny, silky hair and this one does it all. It applies a smooth and highly reflective film on the hair which reduces UV damage and dramatically enhances shine while locking in moisture for deep repair and gives a glass-like appearance. If you’ve got lack-lustre hair and you’re looking for an affordable fix – this is it. Absolutely loving this range!  RRP – Shampoo $6.39, Conditioner $6.39, Shine Mask $9.99. For more info head to:

Schwarzkopf  Professional’s BC Oil Miracle range
Beauty News - Best New Releases
This range is the ultimate in oil-based hair care. Suitable for all hair types, the BC Oil Miracle line is based on precious oils and is ideal for injecting life back into tired, dull hair.  The exclusive care system provides hair with brilliant shine, exceptional nourishment and touchable softness! The shampoo, containing Argan Oil to cleanse and nourish, and the micro emulsion technology working to smooth the hair follicle, tresses are more manageable and shiny. The Gold Shimmer Conditioner straightens out any tangles with its high quality oils; and for that extra injection of shine, the Oil Miracle Gold Shimmer Treatment penetrates deep into hair for a brilliant shine and noticeable suppleness. The icing on the cake has to be the Volume Amplifier. With five precious oils – Argan, Marula, Almond, Macadamia and Jojoba Oil, this leave-in miracle worker provides hair with glass-like shine and softness, while also amplifying volume and grip and protecting against blow-dry heat. If you’re looking for sprinkles on that icing – the Divine Polish is the perfect finish! In a nutshell, if your hair is resembling that of a bird’s nest after washing with your current hair care range, then leave it to the BC Oil Miracle range to get your mane looking sleek and glossy. RRP: Shampoo, Conditioner & Gold Shimmer Treatment $32.30. Liquid Oil Conditioner, Finishing Treatment, Light Finishing Treatment, Volume Amplifier & Divine Polish $34.90. For more information check out:

Sebastian Professional Drynamic – Dry Shampoo
Beauty News - Best New Releases
Sure, there are many dry shampoos on the market right now, however you can hardly go wrong when it’s Sebastian! Always pushing the boundaries of fearless hair fashion and unabashedly forecasting what’s next, Sebastian Professional introduces the next generation of professional dry shampoo.  Available in both a 140g size and a handy purse spray, Sebastian Drynamic resets and recharges with its unique formula that cleans and adds volume through its styling properties so you can shift styles in the blink of an eye. The reset foundation system dissolves and absorbs oil and leaves less visible residue, so hair looks and feels cleaner than with other dry products. If you’re a tad time-poor (who isn’t these days) then Drynamic will be a god-send!


Sooooo many goodies in the bath and body range arrived this month and that’s AFTER we culled the list back to just the best…

The Body Shop
Beauty News - Best New Releases
We were torn as to which Body Shop range we would mention in our ‘best new beauty lineup’ and after much debate – we’re going to have to mention both, as they’re equally delish!  Starting with Honeymania. Now if you’re a fan honey-filled products, you’re going to adore the Honeymania range! Not only is it beautifully scented, it actually contains real honey! The new range consists of a bubblebath melt (completely obsessed with this one), body butter, body scrub, eau de toilette, shower gel and soap, plus – there’s even a cotton waffle-weave inflatable bath pillow (resembling that of honeycomb) to relax with in the bath while your skin is absorbing all the moisturising goodness of Honeymania. Did we mention The Community Fair Trade organic honey is the only honey used to make The Body Shop’s Honeymania collection? That means that the honey collected direct from Ethiopia is hand-harvested from the ripest honeycombs, ensuring exceptional quality and at the same time, generates one of the few methods of earning money in an incredibly isolated part of the country! Nice one Body Shop!

Beauty News - Best New ReleasesThe other range we’re absolutely LOVING from The Body Shop (we’re not kidding, you will want to eat this collection it smells do damned incredible) is the new Special Edition Early-Harvest Raspberry range. Now, before you go running to The Body Shop to get your hands on this collection, note – this range arrives in-store on 14 July, so mark it in your diaries now as a reminder to get yourself an early taste of spring, the moment this collection drops. Never has a fruit-inspired bath & body range smelled so good. There’s really no descriptor that will truly do it justice, but take our word for it – this collection is quite simply devine!  Delicately raspberry scented, this indulgent and deeply moisturising range is jam-packed with antioxidants that will leave your skin super hydrated, with a delicious scent that lingers on the skin throughout the entire day. The Early-Harvest Raspberry collection consists of – body butter, shower gel, body lotion, eau de toilette & body scrub. RRP ranges from $16 – $36. PS: word on the street is the The Body Shop’s Vineyard Peach collection is making a comeback too!

Savar Energising Body Wash
Beauty News - Best New Releases
Once again Savar has released another stellar product! A Limited Edition 500ml Energising Body Wash, housed in a beautiful glass bottle. Made in New Zealand, 99% natural and great for both men and women, this multi-tasking body wash also makes a fabulous shaving gel and can be used as a natural shampoo!  You can see why we had to include this one in our ‘best new beauty products’ lineup huh?!  Sugar & lemon balm, two elements traditionally associated with all things delicious – are the body wash’s headlining ingredients. The lemon balm is an incredible ingredient that has been used as far back as the middle ages to reduce stress and also helps to calm and refresh the skin. Zingy, but soothing, it stimulates the senses and acts as a gentle pick-me-up, making it a perfect addition to a body wash! Lemon Balm’s partner in Savar’s Energising Body Wash is organic cane sugar, which assists in increasing the skin’s moisture content, helping to relieve any dryness. Luxurious and indulgent – this is definitely one to see you through winter in style! RRP$39

Beauty News - Best New Releases
Sukin aren’t messing around with their latest offering – Dermatologist Certified DermaSukin. Soap & fragrance-free, this product is the business! Rather than focusing on fragrance, DermaSukin consists of five products specifically formulated to be naturally gentle on sensitive, dry, itchy or problem skin. Their five key ingredients, all Dermatologist Certified are non-irritating and non-sensitizing. Taking a simple, yet effective approach to skincare, DermaSukin products contain aloe vera, chamomile, cucumber and sesame. Cruelty-free DermaSukin contains zero parabens, artificial colours and definitely no harsh chemicals whatsoever!  If you’re prone to eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, dry, itchy or sensitive skin, then DermaSukin is going to be an absolute god send! The DermaSukin range consists of daily gentle wash, daily gentle lotion, daily hydrating wash, intensive hydrating cream and oil balancing wash. Available from Farmers, selected pharmacies and health & organic stores, this collections ranges from $14.50 – $26.99 (1L $34.99).

PALMER’S Cocoa Butter Formula – Rapid Moisture Spray Lotions (deep moisture & instant cooling)

Beauty News - Best New ReleasesAn absolute staple as far as we’re concerned – Palmer’s lotions are never far from arms-reach and remain a favourite due to their fabulous hydrating properties and delicious scent (if you’ve not used their shower oil, you’re seriously missing out). If you’ve ever needed a reason to get on board the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter train, this is it! The deep moisture of cocoa butter now in a light spray!  These new lotions are perfect for fast, easy application with a light spray texture in a convenient on-the-go aerosol spray bottle. Containing RapidSorb, a unique spray technology that provides fast-absorbing 24 hour moisture, there’s no staining, no greasiness – just quick and easy, even application. These two variants ‘deep moisture’ and ‘instant cooling’ are available from supermarkets, pharmacies and departments stores. RRP$12.50

Sorbet Cosmetics
The most magical and enchanting of them all. When we opened this enticing Sorbet package we were filled with delight! So ethereal and oh-so-pretty, we had to take a second glance just to double-check that the cupcake wasn’t actually edible! So beautiful are Sorbet’s products, you’ll want to leave them on display for as long as possible in the lead up to using them in your bath. We received a few items from the incredibubbles range – the ‘Sugarplum Fairy Bath Bombe’, ‘Soporifia Bubble Block’, oh and seed bombs (which is a whole ‘notha story, but let’s get back to the lovely incredibubbles bath goodies).  In an Alice-In-Wonderland-esque style, tiny tags were attached to each item, guiding us as to what each product was and how it should be used, aka mad-hatter-tea-party style. With such stunning fragrances and beautifully presented bath goodies, we were torn as to whether we should simply display them, or start running a bath!  The Soporifia Bubble Block (Soporific means ‘tending to induce sleepiness’ and is where this relaxing bubble block takes its name) is made with Lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oils, which fill the air with relaxing vapors and the creamy bubbles are just like fluffy clouds. Crumble a bubble block under the tap into a bath, sit back and enjoy the mounds of bubbles! These bubble blocks produce lashings of long-lasting foam and will leave you soft and smooth (you’ll get at least two baths out of each block). The Sugarplum Fairy Bath Bombe looks like it should be housing an actual fairy, not just named after one. A sweet & fruity scented delight, this bath bombe is like no other. Whilst they’re made with the usual characters to make them fizz, Sorbet have also added lots of Cocoa butter for stunningly silky bath water. They’ve added just enough of an ecocert emulsifier so that there’s no ring or oily residue left after you’ve finished. On a scale of 1 to intoxicating – Sorbet’s Sugarplum Fairy Bath Bombe is off the charts!

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