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There’s a fabulous new beauty lineup and we’ve got them all here – the pampering products, the ‘lust-haves’, the soon to be launched, and some big-brand names that have released some hot new additions to their already covetable ranges

New from The Body Shop, All-In-One Instablur. The Body Shop’s new 5-action perfector is available in-store 4 August and is available in one universal shade. It blurs skin imperfections in an instant (so those selfies need no filters) and their unique formula is made of mattifying powders, with smart-filling properties and moisturising Vitamin E. At $45, new All-In-One Instablur 5-Action Perfector joins the All-In-One make-up family from The Body Shop, providing make-up and skincare solutions in one! A beautiful formula – this blur cream is a standout skin perfector!

Taking your ‘selfie’ to the next level, The Body Shop also has a cosmetics line that complements their Blur Cream. We’ve been loving their Smokey 2-in-one Gel Liner ($25). Not only is this a great eye-liner, it doubles as a brow liner!

Their Lip & Cheek Stain ($25.25) is another brilliant 2-in-1 and is now available in red! Not only can you add a pop of rosy colour to your cheeks, but also your lips.

The Colour Crush Eye Colour ($21.50) is beautifully wearable and can be applied wet or dry. New shades consisting of Cinnamon, Champagne Kiss, Rosemance and Coco Deluxe join their Special Edition shades of Sunshine Love and Gorgeous Gold.

If you’ve not yet checked out The Body Shop’s Colour Crush Shine Lip Colour’s ($27.75) you really must! Their lip-line sees a re-brand and re-launch of Colourglide Shine, and with finely crushed pigments for a sheer wash of colour and coated with a drop of silky ‘community fair trade’ oils to seal in moisture and condition your lips, your lips will be shining bright like a diamond in no time! There are three new shades joining the Colour Crush family – Sunset Romance, Magenta Be and Fuchsia Flirt.

Best New Beauty Lineup

Australis has some beautiful new beauty treats available in-store now! Not only is Australis damned affordable, their cosmetics line has some absolute gems! These are our standout must-haves from Australis, starting with the Australis Tiny Tip liquid eyeliner.  We’re all about the ‘winged eyeliner’ and ‘Tiny Tip’ it totally user-friendly! No mess and precise lining using their ‘tiny tip’ applicator makes achieving the perfect ‘cat-eye’ a breeze! The full pigment black formula is long-lasting with a slight shine and oh, it’s waterproof! RRP $15.00.

Their other new range of eyeliners – the Gelifeye Gel Liner. These give you the look of a liquid liner with the ease of a gel formula. Gelifeye stays in place without smudging and their colours are simply divine! The four new gem-hued shades are: Blueberry Breeze, Ice Tonic, Plum Punch and Sour Apple Soda. RRP $13.50.

Australis hasn’t forgotten our love for Nail Polish. They’ve introduced four winter shades: Berry in a Hurry, Spinning my Candy, Sittin on a Cloud and Oh My Nudie. They’re high shine, high colour and totally streak-free nail colour! At $10.50 a pop, we say “grab them all”.

Australis has also introduced the Smokifeyeliner range to their beauty line. At just $12 per liner, these are a steal! They provide a rich & even colour pay-off that’s long-lasting, and like their liquid liner, is also waterproof. The four striking new colours are Sombre Spring, Morning Haze, Murky Monday & Seattle Smog.

Best New Beauty Lineup

Evolu has launched a new line of pampering bath products. Enriched with locally sourced botanicals and free of the usual skincare nasties (and we’re all about locally sourced and chemical-free, not to mention cruelty-free). We highly recommend the new Silkening Shampoo, Enriching Conditioner and Refreshing Body Wash. Each new formulation utilises the best natural ingredients to nourish, restore and protect your hair and skin in the most luxurious of chemical-free ways, meaning they are suitable for all skin types and are gentle enough to use every day. It certainly helps that they all smell absolutely delicious and are incredibly affordable at just $19.99 each – for a high-end brand, we think that’s pretty darn good.

Best New Beauty Lineup

Since we’re talking high-end skincare – you can’t go past Clinique. Recently Clinique has launched a new serum that is changing the game in repair creams. The new Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum might sound a little pricey at $120 (30ml), however there’s a reason for the price! This serum delivers targeted repair that visibly addresses your skin’s changing needs. This has been five years in the making and the result – a cocktail of ingredients that deliver the most powerful, yet gentle serum Clinique has ever developed. Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum is a breakthrough formula that harnesses the power of 37 patents to deliver custom repair. The formula uses prevision repair technology to repair the damage you see and even the damage you don’t. After a 12-week study, results showed visible improvement in treating uneven skin tone, dark spots, dullness, lines & wrinkles and firming.  Yes it’s that good. If we could, we’d regularly bathe in this!

Best New Beauty Lineup

The new Perfecting Loose Powder from Estee Lauder is a feather-light, incredibly fine loose powder that sets and perfects your favourite makeup look, while softly refining and evening out skin tone for a flawless effect. We’re loving the addictive silken-feel and even more, we’re loving that this new Perfecting Loose Powder instantly diffuses imperfections and reduces the appearance of pores! The shine-control is second-to-none and unlike traditional white-based mica, which at times can appear chalky or powdery on skin, Estee Lauder’s unique gold-tone mica have an affinity to skin undertone, complementing all skin intensities from lightest to darkest, for a supremely natural-looking complexion. Available in-store now, the Estee Lauder Perfecting Loose Powder (available in light, light/medium & Medium) retails for $80.

Best New Beauty Lineup

Perhaps one of the most exciting items to launch recently (especially exciting if you’re a big fan of nail design like we are) is the new ORLY Color Care Smudge Fixer. You know how it goes, you spend an evening meticulously perfecting your fingertips only to find you’ve knocked them rummaging through your handbag. Never again face the dreaded re-paint, with the light swish of a brush, smooth over marks without having to re-do a single nail. To use, all you have to do is apply a large drop to the thickest area of the polish towards the smudged spot until even, apply a final coat, wait two minutes and then finish with an ORLY Color Blast topcoat! We reckon this is pretty bloody magic! RRP $14.99.

Best New Beauty Lineup

It wouldn’t be a beauty feature, if we didn’t mention one of our favourite Kiwi brands. Introducing the new SAVAR Luxury Traveller Sets. We’re a big fab of travel sets! Not just for travel – they’re fabulous for carrying in your handbag on a day-to-day basis, as they take up little room and aren’t too heavy! Savar’s Traveller Sets are available in three different combinations: normal/dry, combination/oily and all skin types. Each pack contains 5x 30ml individually formulated premium products which vary depending upon your skin type. We’ve been trialling the ‘all skin types’ travel set, and as always with Savar, we’re infatuated! Included in our pack is a luxury face wash, nourishing body lotion, instant boost multi toner, advanced hand repair and energising body wash – all of which are luxurious and heavenly! When we’ve not been jet-setting somewhere warm (oh but we wish we were right now) this travel pack has been brilliant to take with us to the gym, and as always leaves us feeling just that little bit pampered (exactly what we need during the cold winter season). Retailing for just $89 for five premium travel sized products, we reckon this is a bargain for a spot of on-the-go pampering! Check out for more info.

Best New Beauty Lineup

We haven’t forgotten the essential nutrients and care our body needs, not only in the form of lotions and creams, but beauty from the inside out. We’ve recently been trialling the effects of taking regular beauty supplements in the form of Radiance’s ‘Silica Beauty’, ‘Ageless Beauty’ and ‘Oil of Beauty’.

Now, admittedly in the past, we’ve potentially been a little slack about protecting and caring for our body on the inside, instead focussing on the outside, when in reality both are as important. As we all know, as we grow older, collagen levels in our body naturally decline and we need a little more support to slow down the ageing process (in saying that, we’re a firm believer you’re never to young to start caring for your body).

Radiance Ageless Beauty contains NZ marine collagen that delivers specific amino acids to boost collagen production, skin renewal and repair. It’s also super hydrating, ensuring your skin never looks dull or dehydrated. Radiance Ageless Beauty also provides two potent NZ grown natural antioxidants – Vinanza Skin Performance Plus and Enzogenol, both of which promote skin elasticity and skin repair, reducing redness and leaving you with an even skin tone. Ageless Beauty is also fortified with a variety of super nutrients that boost the skins appearance, including Vitamin C, Beta Carotene, Zinc Selenium, Vitamin B6 and the Chinese herb Shizandra, all of which help promote youthful skin. RRP $79.99.

Radiance Oil of Beauty contains a potent antioxidant derived from NZ grown algae. Thanks to its calming antioxidant benefits, this supports evenly toned, firm skin, as well as protecting skin from harmful UV Rays, which is the leading cause of premature skin aging. RRP $49.99.

Radiance Silica Beauty – this one strengthens, revitalises and protects hair and nails. The key ingredients in Silica Beauty – Gotu kola, Silica, MSM, Biotin and Valere Organic NZ Giant Kelp, which provide the body with everything it needs to support and strengthen hair and nails. RRP $39.99.

Now we’re not sure which has been the best of all three, as we’ve been taking all three at once, but what we can confirm is that all three combined have certainly been the triple threat! Visibly healthier, glowing skin, pretty darn long (and strong) nails and an overall feeling of wellbeing! If you’re in the market for some fabulous ‘inner beauty’ treats, try the new Radiance range.

Best New Beauty Lineup

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