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If you follow me on Snapchat you will have caught my little news blast on The Body Shop’s British Rose collection early last week. If you didn’t see it, and you’re not following me on Snapchat, you should! Go on, do it now, add gurlinterrupted, seriously I can wait, I’ll be right here when you get back; and you’ll never miss another sneak peek again. Sorry, I digress. Moving right along…

Everything’s coming up roses with The Body Shop’s new British Rose range. A brilliantly British interpretation of a timeless icon of femininity.

Now, I want to just state, for those of you that may be worried this rose-scented range could be a tad granny-esque, fear not! Admittedly I wouldn’t normally rush to rose-scented skincare myself, however, The Body Shop’s British Rose scent is like no other. It’s light, floral and has just the right amount of sweetness cutting through the base notes, which for me, makes this collection absolutely irresistible.

The Body Shop British Rose Collection NZ

There are a number of pieces in the British Rose range – body butter, hand cream, shower gel, nail polish, lip and cheek tint, Eau de Toilette and more, however, the pieces that I really want to focus on are the ones that I’ve personally tried and fallen in love with…

British Rose Shower Gel – this beautiful body wash left a scent on my skin that I swear lasted the entire day. As far as I’m concerned, that’s doing its job and more. Sure, you’re in the shower to first and foremost get clean – check! But you also want a scent that you love, to last the entire day, and this shower gel does exactly that.

British Rose Instant Glow Body Essence – I want you to just close your eyes for a moment. Remember that beautiful glow your skin had when the first of the summer sun kissed your skin? Yes, you see it? Ok, the Instant Glow Body Essence will place that memory right there on your skin, regardless of the season. I cannot rave enough about just how amazing this product is. It does what a good moisturiser should do – it leaves your skin petal-soft and smells oh-so-good, but even better – it gives your skin the most beautiful, radiant glow.

The Body Shop British Rose Collection NZ

British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter – See above. Now add another dollop of velvety-rich moisture and you’ve got yourself The Body Shop Instant Glow Body Butter. It does everything that the Body Essence does in terms of radiance and glow, it’s just that bit more rich in the moisture department. If you have dry skin in need of extra care, the body butter is for you.

I’m sure everything else in the British Rose range is fabulous, and there’s nothing I tried that I didn’t love, but for now, I just wanted to focus on my absolute stand-outs! The three abovementioned products really are something special.

The Body Shop British Rose Collection NZ

For those of you here in New Zealand, lock 18 April in your diary; this is the day the British Rose collection arrives in-store. Oh, just one more ‘pearl of wisdom’ before I wrap this post up… Want to be in the good books this May? Grab a few pieces from the British Rose collection (or the entire range if you’re feeling super generous) and stash them away for Mother’s Day, of which is fast approaching (Sunday 8 May). No last-minute panic over what to get mum, and you’re guaranteed to move to ‘number one child’ status. You’re welcome!

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