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Catch A Falling Star – Makeup Tutorial On How To Stop Glitter Fallout

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I love glittery eye make-up – I DON’T LOVE THE GLITTER FALLOUT!!  This little trick will allow you to remove the glitter fallout effectively, in less than a minute AND without ruining the rest of your makeup.

OK – see the small sparkly fallout, just under my eye? (in the top left corner picture) – this is what we are going to remove (and if you have more glitter fallout on your cheeks, you can remove this too by following these steps).

Tear off a piece of Scotch Tape or Removable Tape and wrap it around the tip of your finger with the sticky side facing out.

Firmly press the tape onto any fallen glitter and simply lift it off

Voila!  No Glitter Fallout!!

Should you feel you need to – you can touch up any foundation that may have lifted off with the tape.  For the sake of this tutorial I didn’t bother with foundation, however I feel confident the tape shouldn’t disturb your makeup too much at all, as it’s not ever ruined my foundation in the past.

Glitter kisses xx

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