DIY Fashion Project: Trackie Pants to Cute Summer Boy Shorts (and there’s NO SEWING involved)…

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Strut into summer by turning your favourite pair of trackie pants into sizzling boy shorts. The best part is THERE’S NO SEWING INVOLVED!!

These boy shorts are the brainchild of US based lingerie designer, Jenny Dombroski of Evlove Intimates; and this simple tutorial will show you how you too can create your very own unique pair of super cute summer boy shorts.

Trackie/Workout pants
Hemming tape*
Lace trim*
Parchment paper*
Iron and ironing board
Safety pin

*You can get these items from stores such as Spotlight, Geoffs Emporium, Craft Stores, etc

Step by Step:

  1. Lay the tracksuit pants flat and measure your desired length (the inseam should be between one and a half and three inches); adding a curved slit at the outer leg is optional. Draw the cut line with chalk.
  2. Fold the sweatpants in half lengthwise and cut from the inseam outward.
  3. Slide one leg of the shorts onto your ironing board. Line the hemming tape along the bottom edge and place lace on top, covering the tape. Put parchment paper over it all and iron for eight seconds to adhere the lace. Repeat with other leg.
  4. Remove drawstring from shorts. Replace with a ribbon (use the safety-pin to guide the ribbon through the gap where you removed the drawstring from.  The safety-pin will make it easy to guide the ribbon around).

And… Super Cute Boy Shorts Complete!!

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Photo: Courtesy of Evlove Intimates