DIY – How to Make Your Own Clipless Curling Iron

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DIY – Removing the Clip from Your Curling Irons

I love long ‘beachy waves’ created by using curling tongs, what I don’t love is the ‘weird little crimped bit at the end of your hair that seems to have a mind of it’s own’ caused by using a curling iron with a clip!  Now, I have a great curling iron (obviously aside from the fact it’s of the  ‘crimp making’ variety due to it having a clip); and  it wasn’t exactly cheap, so the last thing I wanted to do was go and spend more money on another curling iron so that I could have the clipless one (which for some reason, perhaps it’s because these are generally the ones used by hair stylists on celebrities, is remarkably pricier than a curling iron with a clip); and that’s when I decided to take to my curling iron with a Phillips screwdriver and DIY that bad boy into a clipless curling iron!



  • Less damage to your hair, aka, the dreaded split ends (caused by the ends of your hair being held the longest against the tong under the clip).
  • No creases, bumps or ‘weird crimpy bits’ from the where the clip was holding your hair; and that little bend in your hair gets heated into place, just like the curl does, so you know it’s there to stay around as long as the curl does.

So, since summer is nearly here, *YAY*, I decided its time to share my easy DIY guide to making your own ‘clip-free’ Curling Iron……


STEP ONE: Remove the clip-stand – this is easy, you literally just pull from one side and this will detach itself from the curling iron (some have small screws holding it in place, if this is the case, simply unscrew and remove)

image source: ImAlittle


STEP TWO:  Remove the screws securing the clip (in most cases this can be done using a Phillips screwdriver)

image source: ImAlittle


STEP THREE: Remove the clip and spring (the spring is directly underneath the clip) from your curling iron

image source: ImAlittle

Voila!!  You have your very own Curling Wand (or Clipless Curling Iron if you so prefer); and can now create your perfect ‘Kardashian style beachy waves’.

You’re welcome 😉

Should you ever wish to reattach the clip to your curling iron, simply reverse the steps shown above, so keep all the parts together in a safe place for future use.

Ange x


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