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Editor's Picks

Editor’s Picks…

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Delve into my world of beauty, books and stationary faves in this week Editor’s Picks…


By now I’m sure you are all well aware I’m a total sucker for packaging and MOR is certainly at the top of their game when it comes to the most exquisite packaging.  Their new collection ‘Correspondence’ embraces the early practice of sending mail with all the traditional trimmings, emerging oneself in the art of communication and taking time to unravel and indulge.  And indulge I did – in this new MOR Argan Oil Hand Cream.  Yup – no longer just for hair, Argan Oil assists in premature ageing and deeply moisturises so it makes sense that it would be a vital ingredient in our skin care products, not just hair care.  I’m currently using the Quince Persimmon hand cream and it’s absolutely divine.  The scent is divine and It’s super rich and  moisturising.  My hands are actually looking the best they have in ages (sadly I get really dry hands in winter) and I’m absolutely rapt with my new hand cream.  I highly recommend! Available at department stores, Redcurrent, gift boutiques and RRP$34.99

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I actually received this in my Goodie Box subscription (handy given I’m already a big fan of stila products) and I’m hooked on this pout perfector.  I love a good lip gloss but hate that many lip glosses are quite sticky.  Not the stila Lip Glaze!  Such a beautiful texture and lovely application – it’s really moisturising, has fabulous shine and makes for a perfect glazed pout.  I was lucky enough to get my favourite scent/flavour – vanilla.  Seriously, if you haven’t tried Stila Lip Glaze Sticks before, you need to!

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The latest addition to my skin care regime – the new Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream.  I adore Trilogy so I  was expecting big things from this one.  Said to revive, restore and hydrate as you sleep I was interested to see just how well it would work – especially since I only sleep about 3-4 hours a night ha ha!  I always feel like I’m really indulging when I use Trilogy products and this night cream is indeed luxurious.  It has a beautiful texture, is really absorbent (which I always think is a good sign that it’s not just sitting on your skin) and my skin is looking a lot more healthy and radiant (if I do say so myself).  Trilogy’s signature scents are definitely still there – frankincense, rose and geranium, but there’s also the added goodness of Rosapene, goji and manuka honey.  If your skin is looking a little dull and not at its best I would recommend giving this a whirl.  Available at Farmers, pharmacies and health stores. NZ$54.90

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OK, so some might say it’s because I’m a Leo (don’t know that I buy into all that star-sign stuff) that I’m so into my hair care.  Admittedly I am a tad obsessed, well completely obsessed, with using the right hair care products and am always wanting to hunt down that next big product that promises to make my hair healthy, glossy and rejuvenating lack-lustre dry ends and I’m loving this new ‘juuce argan soft’ shampoo & conditioner.  Honestly, it’s damned amazing and I am loving it.  My hair is super shiny, feels so incredibly soft and I think this range might just be the best I’ve tried in a very long time.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!  I’m sure juuce is available at many outlets, however to find out exactly where you can purchase juuce hair care products call 0800 25 25 30 RRP$25, BeatPR, juuce argan soft, hair care, beauty blog nz, style blog nz, makeup beauty guru, Angie Fredatovich, goodie box


Moving on from beauty – well only slightly because I guess this still counts as beauty – I found this gorgeous little Misery compact mirror last week when I was perusing the stores of K’ Road.  I love Misery’s art so I was beyond excited when I found this mirror in a wee store full of gorgeous trinkets.  I couldn’t tell you all the stores this is stocked in but I found mine at iko iko.  RRP$10.99

Misery art, beauty blog nz, style blog nz, makeup beauty guru, Angie Fredatovich, goodie box


Ahhh Typo.  God I love this store.  I shop at Typo on pretty much a weekly basis and never leave empty-handed.  My latest find – these gorgeous ‘message in a box – 50 mini Polaroid cards’.  Reminiscent of the 70’s, these mini Polaroids are going to be perfect as gift cards and no doubt will appear in future posts as I add them to my photo shoots.  If you don’t have a local Typo store you can check them out online: Typo. RRP is around $10.00

Typo NZ, beauty blog nz, style blog nz, makeup beauty guru, Angie Fredatovich, goodie box,


If you’ve taken the time to read the ‘ABOUT’ page on my blog you will know I love reading and love books – not Kindles!.  The book I’m currently reading is Dan Brown’s Inferno.  If you’ve not yet picked up this book (unlike me who had to have it upon its release) I highly recommend.  Admittedly I’m still reading it as I don’t get a huge amount of downtime, so generally I read at around 2am to get to sleep and if I’m lucky, do so after about 20 minutes of reading.  Right from the very first page I was hooked and in typical Dan Brown style, it’s a fabulous fast-paced intriguing page turner and I don’t want it to end.  Apparently there’s been a few harsh reviews from book critics, but for the life of me I can’t see why as this is yet another Dan Brown cracker!  RRP$29

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If you know of any other authors that write in this style or know of any other good murder-mystery, crime thrillers that can see me through until the next Dan Brown book release, I would LOVE your recommendations!! So please do leave me your recommendations in the comments section below if you’ve read some books you think I might like.

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