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I want to start this write-up with something I think is very important… Getting dermal fillers isn’t something that I just decided to get overnight, nor was it something that I just jumped into without investigating it in-depth. This isn’t a paid write-up, it’s my genuine review, and although I did receive free treatment, it was agreed I would only get done what I wanted to get done and at the end I would give my honest opinion. And here it is…

I’ve actually been contemplating dermal fillers for the last couple of years, however it’s taken some time to take the plunge as I wanted to make an informed decision, talk to people that have had it themselves, wanted a trusted clinic and needed to know that it wasn’t something permanent (I’m definitely not wanting to go under the knife, nor would I want to get permanent filler, that I am certain of). What I wanted was something non-surgical that would give me a fresh-faced, rejuvenated look and that’s exactly what I got at The Cosmetic Clinic.

When I was offered the opportunity to get the ‘Harmony Package’ at The Cosmetic Clinic I was beyond ecstatic, but was I going to just rush in and get it done straight away? Hell no! I asked around, I talked to people, I looked into their credentials, and I had a very in-depth consultation. This is key! After ticking my checklist, I was ready to go.

First up – entering The Cosmetic Clinic at Sylvia Park: The clinic is beautiful and clean, I was met by a super-friendly team, and I was introduced to my nurse on arrival; no hanging around waiting. My nurse took me into a room, told me all about her background and vast experience. She asked me questions, I asked her a tonne of questions, we discussed what I wanted, what I didn’t want, what my fears were (if I had any) what each product did and how long it lasts for – basically we spent a solid half hour chatting and she made me feel totally at ease.

What I had done…

Dermal Fillers: In my cheeks I had 3mls of Perlane Restylane Dermal Filler, which is made from complex sugar chains, also known as Hyaluronic Acid (HA), designed to resemble your body’s own natural HA, aka fresh-faced, rejuvenated cheeks. Now, for someone terrified of needles (I’ve been known to do a runner if left waiting for a blood test – true story) I found this so damn painless. A few little pin pricks at best and I didn’t feel the product going in at all. I actually couldn’t believe it when the nurse said she was done, in was that easy. The best part – a major advantage of dermal fillers is that the results are instant. You don’t have to wait for weeks to see that ‘refreshed appearance’ – dermal fillers are immediate, and I immediately LOVED the result. It’s given a youthful, more defined appearance and without a doubt, I will be getting this done again when needed, which could be anywhere from 6 months to two years time – how freak’n amazing is that?!

Dysport: as part of the ‘Harmony Package’ I was also offered Dysport, which I had done in my frown (between the eyes, above my nose). I had pretty much the minimum amount (50 units) and I have a very strong frown, so although it can last for up to 3 months, for me, I already had some movement a month later, but god do I still love it and now I know that going forward I’ll need to up my dosage, but as The Cosmetic Clinic said, it’s best to start out slow than rush in with the highest dosage. Would I go back for a repeat session, hell yes!  Whilst I currently do have movement, for others this 50 units would probably last a lot longer (I’ve been told in the past I have a very strong frown/strong frown muscles) so everyone is different and you can get up to 80 units in this area. Again, a totally painless procedure for me, and the results are awesome!

Emervel Lip Filler – Now admittedly I totally wussed on the lip filler; I said I was terrified of having trout pout and didn’t want full the dosage offered as I wasn’t totally unhappy with my natural lips (but mainly I was just being a big wuss). They 100% listened to me and said they could allow me the experience by using the tiniest dosage of 0.4 (which literally does nothing, the needle actually gives more swelling than the actual product) so I would know what it felt like to have it done and once again the nurse warned me that I really wouldn’t have any visible filler in my lips. To be honest I wish I had listened to her, not been such a wuss and just got the damn dose originally offered and if I could go back and get the dose they recommended, I would!  Ahhh hindsight ay, it’s a fine thing. Anyway, what I can tell you about the process of Emervel lip filler is, it didn’t hurt at all, I had numbing cream applied to my lips directly following my consultation and I really didn’t feel anything at all. There was swelling following the injections, and my lips were a little tender, but I applied ice as directed and after a day the swelling went down and my lips went back to how they originally looked. For those that would receive the dose recommended, after the swelling goes down, I’m sure you would have your desired look. A friend of mine who did get the recommended dosage looks amazing!

These images give you the best idea of the different it made – shot at the same angle, this is the before and after effect of the dermal filler:



Honestly, I can’t rave about The Cosmetic Clinic enough. I felt so looked after, they totally ‘got’ my nerves, they were professional, friendly and just so great. I left armed with aftercare, they called to check how I was, they gave me plenty of information and I fully intend to continue everything I had done – I absolutely love it!

I want to end this with a wee side note: Nothing I had done is permanent. Everything lasts a different amount of time and varies from person to person, your metabolism plays a big role, and all of this is discussed at the time of consultation, so if you’re feeling scared but really want to get it done, go in and see the team at The Cosmetic Clinic and I guarantee you’ll be in the best hands ever!

To check out all that’s on offer at The Cosmetic Clinic, head to: There’s also a clinic in Riccarton Mall, Christchurch and Westfield Mall, Manukau Auckland.

And if you’ve got any questions at all about my experience – ask away, I’m more than happy to tell you anything you want to know.

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