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fairyfeet how they work and combat heels

OK, how the heck have I lived without these up until now?!

I could not have come across this genius idea ‘fairyfeet’ at a better time (it’s been a busy week).  If you are anything like me you are a girl on the go and love your heels.  But my goodness this is hard work when you are literally running across town between runway shows, PR meetings and other various events; and let me tell you, it’s hard work teetering around in our much-loved HIGH heels for 8+ hours a day.  Enter FAIRY FEET…

fairyfeet the answer to heels

Admittedly I had kind of got this concept down where I would (if bag size allowed) chuck some ballet flats in my bag to wear in-between events, but it was never really ideal (kinda embarrassing to put your bag down and have shoes sitting right there for all to see) and although they were the smallest of my shoes, it’s still a hassle having to carry around a spare pair [ahhhh the clutch trend – basically an envelope used as a bag, does not make for a shoe carrier].  This is where fairyfeet is perfect, they’ve enclosed super comfy little foldable ballet flats into a cute little purse.

Those that know me well will know I have a hard and fast rule ‘it is NEVER ok to kick your heels off and hold them like they’re a party favour – ever!’.   Thus, fairyfeet are my new FAVOURITE item in my handbag.  These clever little gems come in a variety of gorgeous colours and are an absolute bargain at $14.95, so there’s no excuse to go bare-foot!  I’ve had mine for a little over a week now and have used them several times already and every time I put them on I think the same thing, ‘what the heck did I do before I had fairyfeet?’.

I have the black pair, but I intend to get the Vintage Rose *swoon*, silver and gold – a colour for every occasion.

fairyfeet how they work and combat heels
Head over to fairyfeet to purchase online.  SUPER handy and a total steal at $14.95.

Ange x
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  1. Michelle

    June 10, 2013 at 12:06 am

    Where do you put your heels though? Surely no bag would fit them. You’re left to carry them around like party favors anyway.

    • Gurlinterrupted13

      June 10, 2013 at 12:30 pm

      Generally if I’m just getting from event to event, yes they happily fit in my bag or – I have a small fabric shoe bag that I can chuck them into as I only need to get them from event to event. If it saves having sore feet from pounding the pavement, Im happy to carry them in my bag for this small amount of time.


  2. Jennifer

    July 29, 2013 at 4:05 pm

    I googled “Fairy Feet” and was greeted by a foot fetish site…better to google “Feet Fairies”… But still totally adorable! I am getting the rose ones ASAP!

    • Gurlinterrupted

      July 30, 2013 at 10:18 am

      LOL foot fetish site is not ideal! Oh, I really want the rose ones too!! x

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