Favourite American Brand Doesn’t Ship Internationally? Create Your Very Own Postal Address in the USA…

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YouShop is a brilliant new NZ Post service that makes it a whole lot easier to get online shopping from the USA sent to your door.

All those American brands that you’ve always wanted to purchase online but couldn’t because they only ship to a US address (e.g. Urban Decay, H&M, etc.) are now accessible to us here in New Zealand via ‘YouShop’. All you have to do is register online with NZ Post (it’s free!) and YouShop will generate your very own US address, otherwise known as your ‘YouShop Address’. I’ve created my very own US address already. Here’s an example of what you can expect to receive, via email, once you’ve registered with NZ Post:

USA Postal Address for
Once you’ve created your YouShop address (which you can do in less than 5 minutes) you are ready to shop! Follow these easy steps once you have your US Address:

Shop at online stores in the USA, and enter your YouShop address at checkout.
When your parcel arrives at your YouShop address (which is NZ Post’s USA warehouse) NZ Post will alert you that your parcel has arrived so that you can declare the value of the parcel for customs purposes; and pay for international postage to your nominated address in New Zealand.
Once your parcel leaves the USA warehouse you’ll receive parcel updates so you can monitor its progress.
NZ Post/You Shop has got the USA covered, and other countries are on the horizon. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to NZ Post and create your very own American postal address via the attached link:

Happy online shopping ☺

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