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This has got to be my Best (most cost-effective) Beauty Discovery yet!!

It’s no secret that eyelash accentuation has become the hottest cosmetic commodity, however eyelash conditioning products (that actually work) typically retail for anywhere between one to two hundred dollars and are generally only sold in beauty salons, and lets face it $100+ is a pretty big investment for a lot of girls.

I am going to admit something now that I’m a little embarrassed about, but here goes… I have actually bought and used, 3 lash serum’s over the last couple of years and yes they are the big names in lash serum – so they definitely worked, but it also means I’ve spent approximately $500+ in the blink of an eye (pun intended) on lash serum’s.  Last year, in a moment of clarity, I actually stopped buying lash serum solely based on the cost… that is until February this year when I found this little gem:  fLash – Amplifying Lash Serum.

fLASH lash serum BDM Grange New Zealand Beauty Blogger

There’s really not much more to say other than – IT’S $69,  IT WORKS and HERE ARE THE RESULTS….

fLASH lash serum BDM Grange Angie Fredatovich Gurlinterrupted New Zealand Beauty Blogger

Left to Right:    Before,    2-3 Weeks,     6-12 Weeks.

PS:  I checked out the ingredients on my other empty lash serum bottles (yes, I’m the geeky girl who kept the bottles so I could compare ingredients each time I bought a new serum) and there is NO DIFFERENCE between fLASH and LiLash (or the other brands for that matter) and we all know how expensive those other big brand names are. So there ya have it – get wink-worthy lashes for a fraction of the price.

Available at selected pharmacies nationwide, and online at

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