Giving Your Nails a Little Ray of Sunshine……

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I love French manicures, but at the moment what I’m loving even more is a French manicure with a pop of colour! To achieve the look I created on my nails, all you need is: a clear base coat, a good neutral/nude polish (I’ve used OPI’s ‘did you Ear about Van Gogh?’ which retails for $24.95), your nail tip colour of choice (I’ve used Santee’s ‘beach yellow’ which was $3 from the 1,2,3 dollar shop), a nice glossy top coat to seal the deal (I’ve used Designer Brand’s ‘top gloss’ which was $6.95) and last but not least – a steady hand (however if you don’t think your hand is quite steady enough you can always buy the french manicure nail strips from a pharmacy and use those until you get comfortable applying freehand).

Step 1: Apply base coat
Step 2: Apply Neutral colour of choice (x3 coats). Allow to fully dry!
Step 3: Apply your ‘tip colour’. Apply using a small amount of polish on end of brush and apply side to side along tip of nail. Allow to fully dry.
Step 4: Finish off with a glossy top coat.

And that’s it, a super simple way to give your nails a little ray of sunshine – much needed in the dreary winter weather of late!! Swap out colours, mix things up, add some glitter polish, but most importantly, just have fun with it!