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Glassons – Upsizing Your Combo!

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I love Glassons (The House of G/Glambezi/Coco Avant Glassons) at the best of times.  I mean they have amazing on-trend and totally affordable fashion and quite honestly, their gear is so good that most of the time there really is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on an item that is exactly the same at Glassons for half the price.  Yes, I love my ‘high street’ labels as much as the next person and yes – I buy these too, but when it comes to real ‘on-trend’ pieces, that are only going to be around for 1 season, I’m definitely going to head to The House of G!

It wasn’t until this morning, whilst deciding what to wear to a Hair & Beauty Media Launch, that I realised just how obsessive I’ve become with Glassons; and in particular their patterned, neon and floral pants!  This is what I found when I opened my wardrobe – the realisation that I am truly OCD for the House of G.

My justification………  Each of these cost me between $20 – $50.  Such a bargain!!  Sure, the whole point in not spending so much money is that you’re saving right?  Well, I tend to look at it like ‘up-sizing my combo’.  If a pair of pants that I love is only $29 and there are several other pairs that I’m also lusting over, you bet your Aston Martin I’m gonna grab another pair.  I then go down the path of ‘well if I were in any other store each pair would be about $100 and I can get like 3 pairs at Glassons for that’!  So thanks House of G, youre feeding my OCD, upsizing my combo; and I’M LOVIN IT!!

You can get most of these bad boys in-store now, or online (with free shipping!!) by clicking on the attached link:

Enjoy your fashion meal deal at Glassons!

Ange x
A Girl Interrupted by Fashion, Beauty and anything pretty that catches my eye

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