Have A Sparkling New Year With This Cute New Year’s Eve Idea…

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A gorgeous idea for New Year’s Eve (and comes with a free printable download).

If you’ve saved some sparklers from Guy Fawkes as I have, with the intention of using them on New Years, this is a super cute idea that I came across on

If you are hosting a party on New Year’s Eve, or heading along to someone else’s bash you can take these along to hand out to guests, that is, if you have enough to go around.  Alternatively just placing a box or 2 on the table as part of the table setting is just as effective.

If you still have your sparklers in their original box – fantastic – just click here for a printable gift wrapper (as shown above), cut to size, wrap around the box and seal with tape underneath – quick & easy!  If you don’t have enough boxes you could tie say 2 or 3 sparklers together with twine and print tiny versions of the above picture, hole-punch the corner and attach it as a gift tag.

Happy New Years!!

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