I AM…. Unique, Confident, Positive, Happy & Content. And You?

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Last week I had an eye-opening ‘a-ha’ moment!  I have to say that in attending the Kagi ‘I am’ jewellery launch Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection, held at the prestigious French Cafe, I never expected such an ‘a-ha moment’ to occur.  However in listening to both the inspiration behind Kat Gee’s new ‘I am’ collection and what drives her to create her amazing jewellery range, along with a presentation by life coach & motivational speaker Tracy Manu, I realised everything they both spoke about totally resonated with me.

Tracy Manu spoke of celebrating our uniqueness, living in the present, and that what you put out there, what you say to others, how you respond to others, is really ‘the you’ that you are creating and putting out there.  When someone says ‘how are you’ and you respond with ‘busy’, ‘chaotic’ or ‘stressed’, which lets face it, we all are, it’s also how you then continue your train of thought, being ‘busy and stressed’ is what you will continue to focus on.  Basically erasing negativity from your vocab can be all it takes to change your attitude and your way of thinking. I mean constantly verbalising negativity all the time, just cannot be healthy right?  This definitely resonated with me. I can find myself not even focussing on a movie I’m watching, or enjoying my surroundings on the weekend, because all I’m doing is thinking about what I have to get done, how busy I am, what’s stressing me out, and it’s generally because that’s the last thing I’ve said to someone, it’s the last thing I’ve verbalised and so that’s what has stayed in my mind – stress and chaos.   Tracy’s key points – be you, be present, appreciate what you have, what you’ve achieved, and above all – take some time out to reflect on all the positive and fabulous things that are right in front of you!  Surround yourself with beautiful things (this doesn’t have to mean extravagant things), but simple things like scented candles, beautiful blooms, things that make you feel good and make you smile! Appreciate the little things, maybe it’s as small as ticking one thing of your ‘to do’ list. There are so many things that I realise “I am” pretty damn happy about! That I’ve made it through hardships, I’ve made it through things I didn’t think I could get through, I’m proud of my achievements and I have great stuff going on around me all the time – sometimes I’ve just forgotten to see and absorb it.  So going forward, if you see me out and about and if you ask me how “I am”, call me on it if I respond with “busy or stressed’, cause actually, I’m doin pretty awesome!

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Tracy Manu

Kat spoke of what inspires her and how she came to realise that the simplest of gestures can be all it takes to make a difference in someones elses life.  Her heartwarming story of a simple gesture, (of gifting a piece of her jewellery to someone going through an incredibly trying time) talked to not only reaching out to someone, in turn making them feel special, it also cemented that what she does, her passion (creating jewellery) is something she can be incredibly proud of, it makes a difference, and it’s what makes her the person she is today.


Kat Gee

So, I guess you can see where this is all going, it all summed up the new “I am” Kagi collection beautifully.

Kagi’s new ‘I am’ range is a bold, confident mix of capsule collections that extend upon Kagi’s bestsellers and introduce even more innovative designs.  ‘I am’ is in essence about empowering women every day to celebrate their own unique sense of self.

Kat states “I design Kagi to suit women and our busy lifestyle. Kagi is a multi- tasker that can easily be transformed to match any mood, moment or occasion. Jewellery is an outward expression of who you are and who you want to be, empowering women every day to celebrate their own unique sense of self, and allowing their personal style to shine”.

The new range boasts numerous capsule collections, scheduled for release over the coming months.






kagiShowcasing such a diverse and stunning new offering, the ‘I am’ collection is set to launch a new era of Kagi women across New Zealand and Australia.

For more info visit Kagi online.

Remember – ‘I am’ are two of the most important words that can shape our lives.

Ange xx
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Gurlinterrupted Facebook, beauty blog nz, fashion blog nz, style blog nz, heels, shoes, clothes,
Gurlinterrupted Facebook, beauty blog nz, fashion blog nz, style blog nz, heels, shoes, clothes,
Gurlinterrupted Facebook, beauty blog nz, fashion blog nz, style blog nz, heels, shoes, clothes,

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