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Growing old gracefully. It’s something you hear all the time, especially when the topic is around botox or fillers. What I want to know is, what the hell does ‘grow old gracefully’ even mean?! Personally, and I know Kirsty Fitzgerald Aesthetics has the exact same outlook on this as I do, I think it means something different to everyone. Or at least, it should.

I get so annoyed with people saying why would you want to try botox? Why would you want filler? Why not grow old gracefully? Why lose your laughter lines? Why change your face? Well, you get the idea, and yes, I’m a little frustrated by it. First up, you can’t even get your laughter lines changed or frozen, so that’s bloody ridiculous for a start. Anyway, I digress…

My answers to these questions (actually, sometimes they’re not even questions, they’re statements) are as follows – you go to the gym, you go on diets, you purchase beautiful clothes that make you feel good, you put on makeup, you dye your hair, you do all these things, and why? Well if you ask me, it’s to not only feel better, it’s to look better; quite frankly, I can’t see the difference between those things and beauty treatments like botox and filler. Why can’t I do something that makes me look and feel better? Thank god, I can, and I’ve chosen to, and if anything, I wish I’d done these things in my 20’s because I know I would have reduced fine lines and wrinkles even further (ahh hindsight, ya gotta love it. If only I had discovered Kirsty Fitzgerald Aesthetics sooner, huh?!)

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Yes, I’m blessed with pretty good genes in the form of good skin, but I have frown lines I hate, I have fine lines on my forehead that I really dislike, I hate that when I first hit my 30’s that I could already see that it’s true what they say, as of your late 20’s and early 30’s – you start and continue to lose collagen and elasticity and time starts to take its toll, and if I can slow that down or even reverse harsh lines, you bet your ass I’m gonna do what I can to make myself feel and look good.

First up, let’s just talk about ‘changing your face’; that’s not what filler or botox does. Well, at least if you have a great specialist administering said beauty treatments, it won’t change your face. Unless of course you want to change your look, in which case, more power to you, each to their own – I’m not here to judge, I’m just here to inform you of my experience, what I wanted and my personal opinion. To me, all you’re doing with these treatments is retaining or restoring your own youthful look, if done right, your face isn’t changing, it’s simply restoring your youthful past.

How did I come to Kirsty Fitzgerald Aesthetics Ltd to get my treatments? I was lucky enough to meet Kirsty years ago (best in the business if you ask me) so when I knew I wanted to try filler properly, I tracked her down [see: stalked] ha ha to find out where she was based and how I could get an appointment with her. When she said I could come and be a ‘model’ to try out what she’d recommend (brand, dosage, where to inject) to slow down the signs of aging and restore a youthful look, I absolutely jumped at the chance.

So, what did I have done? Let’s get into that… I had 3mls of Jevederm to my mid-face and temples (yeah, sadly we hollow out in our temples as the years go by) and had Botox (oh, Botox how I love you!) administered to my forehead, frown and lower face (no down-turned sad-face for this girl).

Do I love what I had done? Would I change anything? Do I wish I had done something differently? Simply put, I bloody love botox – wish I’d started it a lot earlier. My focus is my frown lines (no one wants a furrowed brow), my forehead (I do still have movement, so no, botox doesn’t give you a frozen look, unless you want it of course) and stopping any down-turn around my mouth.

Kirsty knows just how and what to do with Botox. Trust me, this is important as some professionals don’t know, and that’s bloody scary. Kirsty listens to what you want to do and then gives her opinion and advice. She knows YOUR muscles and YOUR face (it’s not a cookie cutter ‘one procedure for all’ and no one knows this more than Kirsty). She makes sure that ‘angry birds’ look doesn’t happen, and believe me, when you look around, you’ll see that many who are who administering injectables, aren’t aware they’re creating this look. I now see it all the time and it’s not a good look. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google ‘angry birds’ (yes the little creatures from the game) and look at the upward projecting eyebrows). She also knows where the strongest muscles in my face are – I have a VERY strong brow muscle and Kirsty knows this is where she needs to inject a little more and how, to ensure my brows are even (no angry birds for me) and can stand the test of time – you don’t want movement within weeks and with Kirsty, she always gets it exactly right!

Would I do anything different? Yip – more! Ha ha ha, seriously though, I do want to top up on the amazing work Kirsty has already done on the filler-front. She gave me all that she could during our session, but I definitely want to do a bit more, which in all fairness, Kirsty said I would probably want, but being the professional she is, wanted to do a review first and then we could go from there if I wanted to still top up, oh and I do.

Now I know people say ‘it’s such a massive amount of money’ (and yes, I will be going back to purchase more) and it does sound like a lot of money when you’re talking a couple of thousand dollars, however, let’s remember, you’re investing in your looks (to me, that’s worth the investment) and filler, unlike botox, can actually last for up to 3 years, so it’s not like you’re paying these costs every few months. Also, what do you spend on coffee a year? Gym memberships? Alcohol? Getting your hair done? Travel? I reckon you’ll find, that too is a couple of grand a year, so why would you not invest the same in your face, right?

If you’re looking to get filler and/or Botox, I highly recommend going to Kirsty. It really is so important to see the right people and there’s no better reference than a tried and true recommendation, and Kirsty Fitzgerald Aesthetics is mine! She has payment plans (and personally I think her pricing is better than most) and can discuss anything you want to get done. Check her out at Kirsty Fitzgerald Aesthetics Ltd on Instagram @KirstyFitzgeraldAesthetics and to reach her for a one-on-one consult (trust me, you’ll love meeting with her and you’ll want her to be your new best friend, she’s so cool) call 0272332135 and she’ll arrange to meet you at her clinic located nearest to you.

So, I’m growing old gracefully… my way, with a youthful face that I intend to invest in for as long as I can.

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