L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil – Product Review

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Not long ago I was sent the then new, L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil (EEO) to review and give my unbiased feedback, which after trialling the product for 4 weeks, I did.  The very generous folk at L’Oreal and The Soup also sent enough product to enable me to give a couple of bottles  to friends and work colleagues; and given their thoughts and feedback matched mine, I knew I was onto a winner, thus deemed it worthy of sharing with you lovelies.

Since concluding my review of Elvive Extraordinary Oil I have continued to use this golden hued elixir, as it’s a product that I am genuinely loving!  The market is currently flooded with hair oils (Moroccan Oil, Aragon Oil, the list goes on) and being the perfect consumer that I am, I’ve pretty much tried them all.  The problem with hair oils that I’ve tried in the past is that they are just too heavy for my hair; and as my hairdresser Kurt aka The Best Hairdresser in the World can confirm, I do not need any more weight added to my hair!.  The texture of L’Oreal’s Extraordinary Oil is like that of any liquid hair serum, yet lightweight, easy to rub between your hands before distributing evenly through damp or dry hair and is absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy residue.  I have also been applying it to the ends of my hair during the day (yup, at work, whilst at my desk) and I love that my hair looked super healthy right down to the very tips.  It has a handy pump dispenser (that locks on turning) and comes in a beautiful glass bottle (I’m a sucker for packaging!).


With a unique alchemy of 6 precious flower oils, it claims to nourish from root to tip and for me, it absolutely delivered!   Use before shampooing, as a mask, before straightening or as a finishing touch.  Lotus oil gives an intense nutrition, Camomile Oil boosts shine and radiance, Tiare flower oil protects from dryness, Matricaria Oilsoftens and relaxes hair texture and Flax Oil intensely hydrates.

The glossy sheen that it’s given my hair is amazing!  If you’re considering trying one of the many hair oils currently in the market, the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil is definitely my recommendation.  RRP $19.99.
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