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Last week saw the launch of MAC Hey SAILOR! and of course, due to my obsession with make-up (especially MAC), I had to be there! I guess its kinda become a habit, every time MAC launches a new line I HAVE to have a few products from each line to add to my collection and this was no exception…….

The Beautiful range of MAC Hey SAILOR (pre everyone arriving and getting their diiiiiiirty mitts on everything)

Cute Tap Dancing Sailor Girl and Sailor getting a tatt (Im going to run with – probably an anchor).  Everything was so nautical and on theme at the launch from the sailors and music, right through to the food (sushi and cute nautical lifesaver cookies to mention just a couple).
What I bought.  L-R:  Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder in Sun Dipped, Eyeshadow in Jaunty (LURVE!) which is a frost, Suntints Liquid Lip Balm in Sea Mist which I swear just may be the nicest lip gloss/balm to date – it smells A-May-Zing and actually lasts for hours which is almost unheard of in a lip gloss – I cant rave about this one enough. Last but not least, their new ‘To the Beach’ Body Oil which is just B-Ewt-Iful!! – its basically a really fine body shimmer that, due to the oil, gives you an all over glow.
Swatches.  Closest to my wrist going upwards:  To the Beach body oil, Suntints Lip Balm, Eyeshadow and lastly the Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder.
What I chose from the range were the products that not only was I automatically drawn to due to the beautiful natural shimmery tones, but they were also the products that weren’t (to my knowledge) dupes of previous lines.  Seriously – that lip balm is just to die for!
Well that’s all for now on my MAC rant – as you will come to see, I am a HUGE MAC fan and although I already own enough MAC to sink a ship, scuse the pun (Im a qualified make up artist, even though its not my chosen profession, so that’s my justification for having SO much make-up!) I will continue to do make-up hauls and no doubt be at every new line launch where possible, because lets face it, Im addicted to MAC!  [I do love many make-up brands so the hauls and swatches wont just be limited to only MAC]

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