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A few weeks ago a friend put me onto a new range of premium natural skin care, home fragrance and spa products – MARACA New Zealand.  What started as a quick browse online to see what they had to offer, turned into an overwhelming need to try their shampoo and conditioner – in all honesty I was mainly drawn to those 2 particular items solely based on the names – come on, who can resist a beautifully named range like ‘Butterfly Pea’ Shampoo & Conditioner?  After trying (and LOVING) the shampoo and conditioner (seriously my hair was so incredibly shiny and felt amazingly soft – kinda like when you’ve washed your hair using rain water, for those of you that have experienced tank-water life will know what I mean) I decided to look a little further into what else MARACA had to offer and what they were all about, only that resulted in a haul of more amazing products and I am now an avid fan, thus I wanted to share this new love with all of you.

Read on to see my tried and tested fav products I’m currently using right now, plus a little more info about MARACA New Zealand and it’s founder – Chris Lim (and before anyone asks – NO, I am not being paid by MARACA to talk or write about them – I just genuinely like discovering and sharing new-found loves).

Frangipani Candle $57.50
I am a candle FANATIC (I literally burn candles every day) and I’m not exaggerating when I say this is THE most amazing scented candle I’ve tried to date! The scent is like heaven in a jar and fills the house with the most amazing aroma in no time at all. Plus – it has up to 45 hours burn time. Winning!!

Maraca Scented Candle

Bourbon Vanilla Aroma Reed Diffuser $59.99
Those of you that know me will not be surprised that I opted for the vanilla scented diffuser – I LOVE anything vanilla scented & this is awesome!  This in the lounge means walking into a beautifully scented home every day after work.

Bourbon Vanilla Aroma Reed Diffuser

Lotus Stamen Bath Soap $14.99
I just don’t know how to describe the scent of this soap to do it justice – it smells like ‘the best kind of clean’.  Yes that sounds really odd – but it just smells so fresh and clean that ‘clean’ seems like the best way to describe this gorgeous soap.

maraca lotus stamens soap new zealand beauty blogger

Butterfly Pea Shampoo & Conditioner $27.99 each
Well as you’ve already read above – these beauties are simply divine.

maraca butterfly pea shampoo and conditioner new zealand beauty blogger
Bourbon Vanilla Hand & Body Lotion $35.50
This is my new ‘go to’ everyday vanilla body lotion.  A certain other company discontinued my old fav and quite frankly – I don’t care anymore – this is even better!

 Maraca Bourbon Vanilla Body Lotion New Zealand Beauty Blogger


Lemon Grass Bath & Massage Oil $41.50
A few drops in your bath, then applied directly on your skin following your bath = super soft skin and again, the scent is so fresh, clean and just divine!

Maraca Lemon Grass Bath Oil New Zealand Beauty Blogger

Ground Turmeric Foot Bath Salts $29.99
And the final item – confirming my OCD is engrained in all facets of my life – yup, it also extends to having immaculate feet.  I get a spa pedicure every fortnight with a french polish, but in-between my pedi I ensure that I keep my feet looking immaculate in every way possible and this little gem is fantastic for doing exactly that.  It’s perfect for sore/achy feet, but best of all it eradicates any dryness or cracked heels.  There is NO excuse for unkept feet!

Maraca Tumeric FootBath Salts New Zealand Beauty Blogger

MARACA produces premium quality NATURAL home fragrance, spa and body care products.  MARACA founder – Chris Lim, was inspired to create the range after travelling through Asia. Speaking to locals in small communities, he discovered plants and herbs that have been used in eastern medicine and spiritual practices for centuries. These ancient methods of boosting vitality and health are just as relevant today. Every scent, every colour and every texture tells the story of the precious benefits to be found within every ingredient. With his strong passion for quality skin care and previous involvement with well-known global cosmetic companies (I mean seriously well-known companies like Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Gucci, DKNY, the list goes on), Chris began to develop the MARACA range using this precious knowledge.

Check them out online here: MARACA or on FACEBOOK

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