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It’s that time!  My March Favourites (or if I’m being honest – my February AND March favourites), encompassing all things ‘fashion, beauty, lifestyle’…


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ModelCo’s FIBRE LASH Brush on False Lashes
The BEST mascara EVER!!  I know it seems like nearly every 2nd day there’s a ‘revolutionary new lash extending mascara’ being released promising to do amazing things with some special new wand.  The truth is, unless is has fibre additives; it’s not going to actually give you longer lashes.  Enter FIBRE LASH.  As you will see in my photo, there are 2 applicators – one of which is mascara, the second actually coats your lashes with fibres (at first it looks a little scary – almost like applying fine wisps of white cotton wool to your lashes) but you then apply the final coat of mascara and BOOM, your eyelashes are extended to dramatic lengths.  I can honestly say “It adds 3-5mm to your own lashes, giving you a fabulous false lash extension finish”.

LA’BONIC – Pure Rose Repair Cream
A beautiful pure natural rose oil repair cream of which contains ‘Certified Organic’ Ingredients.  If you are after a truly beautiful luxurious hydrating moisturiser, and haven’t yet heard of LA’BONIC, this is definitely one to add to your beauty bucket list.  This is one of those rare gems that when applied – feels like pure decadence.

Maybelline New York High Shine Lip Gloss
You know how much I LOVE a good lip-gloss!!  Just like a magpie, I love the shiniest and the brightest and Maybelline colorSENSATIONAL High Shine Gloss is exactly that – an absolutely beautiful lip-gloss available in an abundance of divine vibrant colours.  The one pictured here is called One Shine Day and I already have my eye on another – Luminous Latte!!

Orly Flash Dry quick dry drops, beauty blog nz, style blog nz

Orly – FLASH DRY – Quick-Dry High Shine Drops
These Orly Flash Dry Drops are an absolute godsend!   Seriously, if you haven’t already discovered this miracle nail product, get it now!!  It’s amazing!!  They accelerate dry time on freshly lacquered nails and the result – glossy dry nails that are good to go, pretty much immediately.  LOVE!

KIO KIO, bare PR, beauty blog NZ, style blog nz, fashion beauty lifestyle Blog NZ

Antipodean Lavender & Rimu Hand and Body Wash
Rosehip & Manuka Honey Hand & Body Lotion
I’m a little embarrassed to admit I only recently discovered KIO KIO. I thought I was pretty good at keeping on top of what’s happening in the ‘beauty world’ but it turns out KIO KIO has been making big waves for a while now and I’m officially a huge fan! KIO KIO incorporates unique beneficial wild-harvested native New Zealand botanicals, certified organic ingredients plus the added purity of mineral-rich artesian water. Their products are contemporary, luxurious, sustainable and very effective!

Arizona Drink NZ lifestyle blog NZ

ARIZONA – Green Tea with Honey
OK – I realise this is a little left-field, but it’s also my new addiction.  I know this has been popular in the US for years but only recently have I actually found it in-store.  Immediately drawn to the beautiful bottle I just had to have it.  It’s a great healthy alternative to soft drinks and it tastes really good!  The added bonus – I’ve been utilising the bottles afterward as super cute little vases.

Colette Colette, Hayman Accessories, style blog nz, fashion blog nz, beauty blog nz, Angie Fredatovich,, purse and necklace

Colette by Colette Hayman
I am just going to throw it out there – I LOVE Colette by Colette Hayman Accessories!  These 2 beauties are my latest acquisitions, but truth be told these follow several bag purchases of the same label.  Affordable, on-trend accessories in abundance – how I am I supposed to resist this shop.  Whilst I went into the shop just to ‘see what was new’, leaving this shop without purchasing something is damn near impossible.  My latest loves – this black & gold wallet and long-line gold chain with blue glass detailing! ADORE!!

theCream, Bobbi Brown, Shimmer Brick, LUSH Handmade Cosmetics, style blog NZ, fashion blog NZ, beauty blog nz,, Angie Fredatovich

OK, so clearly over the last couple of months I’ve definitely been on the eco-chic beauty product kick and when I came across ‘theCream’ I was elated!  Let me tell you a little about this amazing nourishing face cream.  For a start – I love the bottle; and what’s written on it sums it up perfectly “100% Natural, 75% Colostrum, 0% Bull”.  For those of you that don’t know what colostrum is, it’s referred to as “the forgotten miracle” and this particular product’s colostrum is sourced from New Zealand dairy herds – it’s the foremilk derived from NZ cows. [cue geeky knowledge I’ve recently learnt]… colostrum is secreted by all mammals (including humans) to be the first substance put in a newborn baby’s mouth, to boost and educate its immune system.  Colostrum is one of the most researched health compounds in the Western world. Tens of thousands of papers have been published but Big Pharma cannot patent it and make money, so it remains little used and even suppressed by drug companies.  Bovine colostrum is the universal donor and New Zealand grass-fed bovine colostrum is recognized as even more powerful than human colostrum AND no cows are killed nor hurt to obtain it.  It is produced every year voluntarily after calving by happy New Zealand cows. It’s the ultimate renewable health resource!  ANYWAY – enough of my newfound geeky knowledge!  In short – this stuff is AMAZING and I love it!  If you are after an all green, miracle face cream, then theCream is definitely one you need to try!  I’d even go as far as saying it’s a MUST-HAVE!   Not sure of all the places you can buy it, but I got mine on good ol

Bobbi Brown – Shimmer Brick
Oh how I LOVE Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks!  Over the years I have been through several (I hit pan on the ‘brownie’ brick, quickly purchased another, then worked my way through the ‘nectar’ brick). There really is no other like a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick.  I could rave about these for hours.  As a makeup artist I love to find products that have several uses (so much easier when you aren’t lugging around a million products, especially when travelling) and indeed the shimmer brick does it all.  Amazing colour pay-off as an eye-shadow, brilliant blended together as a blush, a highlighter and even as an all over face illuminator! This one is my new Rose Brick (creates beautiful rose hued smokey eyes) but I’m fairly certain my willpower is about to crumble and I will be purchasing the 24 Karat Brick too (the perfect golds for autumn/winter).

LUSH – Emotional Brilliance Range
Ahhh LUSH – their bath products are what get me by in winter, but their fab range of Emotional Brilliance makeup is just as amazing!  If you haven’t heard of the LUSH Emotional Brilliance range you can read about it here in one of my earlier posts.  PLUS – pop into any LUSH store and get the Emotional Brilliance colour reading done free.  This little beauty is what popped up in my colour reading and it’s gorgeous.  You can use as a liquid liner or as an all over cream shadow.

Well that’s it for my March favs – I promise next month’s will be shorter, but in my defence this was more like ‘my Feb/March favs’ crammed into one, as work got a little out of control in Feb and before I knew it, the month had gotten away from me.

Ange xx

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