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I thought since asked me to compile my ‘Hot Five’ (basically, a compilation of what I view as being the 5 latest and greatest ‘must haves’ on my radar) for their website, why not do a similar post on my site for you lovelies.  Here are my Hot Five – Must Haves for the month.

1.  LOVING_Karen Walker Enamelled Jewellery
I am head over heels in love with the Karen Walker Enamelled Jewellery range!  Best of all – it’s an AFFORDABLE KW range!  With a strong nautical theme, this collection is going to look great with just about any summer outfit.  I have my eye on the three strand enamelled charm necklace in either scarlet or navy, I love both so much I can’t decide which to get.  Check out the collection on  Prices range from $59 to $129 for the most expensive piece.  Swoon!

2.  DEVOURING_ LittleWolf
If you want a caterer who knows what they’re doing, but does it with a twist?  You want LittleWolf!  Spotted at all the hottest events around town, from media launches to the VMA’s, LittleWolf do it all with their talented team of styling professionals.  From  ‘Alice In Wonderland-esque theming through to exquisite corporate dining, LittleWolf are like no other caterer!  They have a signature service that certainly leaves an impression.  From the moment I saw their work, I’ve raved about them to anyone that will listen.  Visit their website – these guys are perfect for any upcoming Christmas events.

The Civil Wars is my ‘must-have’ album for summer!  For the last few weeks I’ve had their cover of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean on loop!  Their introduction to the world was just prior to the album release when one of their songs (Poison & Wine)was heard on Grey’s Anatomy in the foreground, in its entirety, over a key climactic montage, prompting hundreds of thousands of viewers to Google the mystery music.  Each song is an intimate conversation and their album is hauntingly beautiful. Click here to listen to Billie Jean on YouTube.  Dance me to the end of love is another great track.

4.  DOWNLOADING_  BoD (Band of the Day)
If you’re a music lover, BoD (Band of the Day) is for you. BoD is a great (free) app that helps you discover hundreds of new singers/bands that you might not of otherwise ever discovered. BoD highlights a different band each day, providing a bio, news, interviews, images, video, and free streaming music. I’ve discovered so many cool new artists with this app that I can’t remember what I did before I had it.Download the app here.

5.  COUNTING DOWN FOR _Cosmetic Advent Calendar!
Christmas is just around the corner and I LOVE Christmas! From choosing the perfect tree and decorating the house to the smell of pine trees and picking presents for family and friends – I’m all about it.  Cute and gimmicky, but I don’t care – I love it – the Cosmetic Advent Calendar!  This bad boy combines two of my favourite things, Christmas and beauty!  Each window you open in the lead up to Christmas has a beauty product behind it. From an eyelash curler to lip gloss, shading brushes to eye-shadows – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  RRP$30 from The Warehouse. PS. It’s on sale for $20 at the moment!

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