Nail Art – How To Paint Nail Designs Perfectly On Both Hands!! (you don’t need to be ambidextrous)…

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Ever wanted to paint pretty designs on your nails but found that it was impossible to DIY because you have one dominant hand that’s brilliant at drawing designs and the other hand that’s, well, not so much? Here’s a solution!  Prepare your designs before applying to your nails….

You will need:
Nail Polish
Ziploc BAg – like a sandwich bag or something similar (not cling wrap as it’s just too flimsy)
Clear Top Coat
A Hairdryer (if you’re impatient)
A Nail File

– First, paint your designs onto a Ziploc bag (as I’ve done in the below pics).  You will need to do fairly thick
coats and probably around 2 coats in total.
– Allow each coat to fully dry before applying the next coat (this is where you may want to use a hair dryer set
at ‘cool’)
– Apply a base coat to your nails
– Peel your designs off the Ziploc bag and place them on your nails
– Finish with a topcoat and viola – you’re done!

If you find that the design is hanging slightly over the end of your nail, use a nail file to gently file away any stray ends.  Then apply your top coat.

Happy DIY!

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