SUPER SIMPLE DIY: How To Make Your Own Matte Nail Polish

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Matte nail polish is so on trend right now.  I’m especially addicted to a matte black French mani; and it just so happens that this is THE most simple DIY guide for creating Matte Nail Polish (yup, totally cost-effective too).

Follow these simple steps (and a couple of extra handy hints further below) and you’ll be DIYing your way to a collection of matte polishes in no time.

What you will need:

  • A small container for mixing.  I just used a small foil pie dish, of which you can pick a bundle up for a couple of bucks at the $2 store
  • A bottle of nail polish – I’ve used clear in the photo, but you can use any colour you want to turn into a matte polish
  • A stirrer – I find manicure sticks really good, but anything will do
  • Cornflour

DIY- Make Your Own Matte Nail Polish New Zealand Beauty Blogger

Just add equal parts of cornflour and nail polish into a small container, take the stirrer and mix well – yeah, that’s actually it!  You have your own matte nail polish.  Just don’t forget – once you’ve finished using the brush to apply your DIY polish, make sure you clean it with some nail polish remover before inserting it back into the polish bottle.

You will see from my pics, that I’ve used clear polish and this will look a little creamy – don’t worry it will apply pretty much clear (or just add less cornflour if you want super clear) and you can now apply over already painted nails to turn them matte.

Now, just one other super handy hint…  Got an eyeshadow that’s broken or crumbled? (hate it when that happens), well you can actually add eyeshadow to clear polish and it will have a very similar effect to cornflour, although I normally add both the eyeshadow and the cornflour to get a super matte polish with an added pigmented dimension.

You can do this with any nail polish colour at all – it works no matter the colour you add the cornflour to.  Also, as you will see from my matte black French mani pic above, once the matte polish has completely dried, just swipe a line of clear polish over the tips (use removable tape or mani stickers if you’ve not got a steady hand) and voila – matte french mani.

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