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It’s no secret I’ve recently made quite a lifestyle change. Eating healthier, exercising regularly, losing weight (in a healthy way, not the “I’m doing a gimmicky diet” kinda way, and just focussing on my health & wellbeing in general.  Since taking this new ‘healthy living’ stance I’m now obsessed with discovering amazing new things that can be used as a catalyst for change, things that will help me on my journey, or at least make the journey as fun and easy as possible. Such as fast and effective YouTube workouts, juice cleansers, ‘raw’ meal options, well the list goes on.  My latest discovery – OMGTEA.  Now before you go all ‘waving your finger in a Z formation’ and saying ‘uh uh those diet teas aint no good’, read on…

OMGTEA takes a long-term approach to health based on nutrition, fitness and wellbeing.  They don’t make any claims to dropping a tonne of weight in a week and they’re not a fan of popular diets and fitness programs that make claims like ‘eating bacon for breakfast every morning is fine because you can balance it out by fasting for one day a week’. Seriously? The sodium content in one serve of bacon alone is more than most adults need in a day. As far as fasting goes for health or weight loss, not only is this confusing for your metabolism, but an extreme form of deprivation that doesn’t nurture how you feel about your body.


Basically what OMGTEA claims to do is improve digestion and cardiovascular health, and in turn you should experience increased energy, decreased sugar cravings and suppressed appetite.  The physical effects range from weight loss to improved clarity in skin complexion and reduced cellulite.  Their teas do NOT contain senna (a horrid ingredient that causes short-term weight loss via its laxative effect) and for this reason I decided to give OMGTEA a whirl.

Now I’ve only recently started drinking OMGTEA regularly, but so far so good.  I’m not an ambassador for OMGTEA, nor do I yet know what the long-term results are, however, since taking on my new healthy lifestyle some of you have asked what I’m doing, what my fitness regime is, what I’m eating, drinking, etc, so I’m simply sharing my experiences along the way and so far, I’m kinda lovin OMGTEA.

If you’d like to know more about OMGTEA head to:

If you have any health, fitness or just general wellbeing tips – I’d love to hear about them, so please leave me a comment below and let me in on some of your best tips and tricks.

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Gurlinterrupted Facebook, beauty blog nz, fashion blog nz, style blog nz, heels, shoes, clothes,
Gurlinterrupted Facebook, beauty blog nz, fashion blog nz, style blog nz, heels, shoes, clothes,
Gurlinterrupted Facebook, beauty blog nz, fashion blog nz, style blog nz, heels, shoes, clothes,

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  1. Emily

    March 28, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    I’ve seen this around Instagram, was interesting to learn more about it. Thanks!

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