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At last, I can finally talk about this amazing ghd hair tool that I’ve been using for the last few weeks – the new salon professional hair dryer, ghd aura.

Three weeks ago, ghd, the expert in heat styling, unveiled the latest revolutionary product innovation to join its award-winning collection, and I was one of the very first in New Zealand to be given the salon professional hair dryer to take home and use to my heart’s content. The challenge – I wasn’t able to talk about how fabulous this new ghd aura is until today!

The New ghd aura Is Finally Revealed...

It’s hard to imagine a hair dryer could make such a huge difference to an everyday hair routine and yet that’s exactly what the ghd aura has done – changed my hair care routine completely. Admittedly I’m an absolute rookie when it comes to styling my hair (yes, I’m completely dependent on my hair stylist, majority of the time) and I’ve never been able to create shiny, glossy hair solely through the process of drying, however this groundbreaking new generation hairdryer combines the power of drying and styling to give effortless styling control with ultimate volume and shine for all hair types. I’ve even stopped dreading the thought of having to blow dry my hair, as in the past this is something that would take me, at the very least, an hour (I have very long hair, and a lot of it) and after all that effort, the result hardly seemed worth wasting an hour of my time!  My hair routine, using the ghd aura is now a 20 minute task (at the most) and the result is super shiny, glossy, healthy looking hair that sees me through until my salon visit. I’m now telling anyone that will listen (especially those complaining of lack-lustre hair) that it’s all about the hair dryer they’re using; and no one in the industry has launched technology like that seen in the ghd aura, in over 50 years.

The New ghd aura Is Finally Revealed...

Developed exclusively by a team of styling specialists and scientists at the brand’s research and development facility in Cambridge, UK, ghd aura is the first tool to offer exceptional styling benefits whilst it dries, making it easier than ever to achieve salon results at home.

The New ghd aura Is Finally Revealed...

ghd has created two breakthrough patented technologies setting ghd aura light years ahead of its competition. Cool-Wall™ and Laminair™ technology allow the user to experience a concentrated airflow resulting in exceptional styling precision, control and the very best smooth and shiny finish.

The New ghd aura Is Finally Revealed...

What differentiates ghd aura?

  • Control – Groundbreaking, patented Laminair™ technology delivers a more concentrated, non-turbulent, evenly heated air stream allowing expert precision and control which results in effortless styling.
  • Shine – Laminair™ technology aligns hair in a single direction, creating a focused airflow with even speed and temperature, leaving it ultra-smooth and stunningly shiny.
  • Volume – Unique, patented Cool-Wall™ technology creates a ring of cool air around the hot air, keeping the casing and nozzle cool to touch even after prolonged use, so the user can get closer to the scalp for stunning volume and amazing root lift.
  • Quieter – The next generation brushless motor means ghd aura is smaller, lighter and quieter.

Economical – The separate power supply unit and ergonomic design features reduce the weight, making ghd aura light and extremely comfortable to hold during prolonged use.

Watch ghd’s video to find out how to create a high volume, glossy hair look using the new ghd aura…

ghd aura® will be available to purchase from approved ghd salons from late July 2014. For stockist information call 0800 880 209, RRP $300.

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