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OK, so this isn’t something I normally do – take part in ‘bloggers tags’. I tend to stick to Fashion & Beauty posts, HOWEVER, I’ve been tagged in the ’50 Random Facts About Me’ tag a few times now, so I’ve caved. I’ve always thought “does anyone really care about these kind of tags, or want to know 50 random things about me?” but after checking out some of my friends ’50 Random Facts’ vids and write-ups (shout-out to my friends over in LA that tagged me) I can see that it’s actually quite a cool way to get to know people better. So here goes:

1.  I realise this is not that random if you know me, but… I am obsessed with the colour green, not in the ‘oh I love green, it’s my fave colour” kinda way.  I mean completely and utterly “there is no better colour in the world and everything I see that is green, I want to own” kinda way. This has been my favourite colour since I was old enough to know what colour was, and this has not waned one single bit. Additional useless random facts – my eyes are green and my birthstone is green (Peridot).  The pic below of someone wearing a green dress, holding a macaroon – yeah that’s me! That photo sums up my obsession perfectly.  If I could have convinced Veuve to change their brand to green, I would have, so that I didn’t have to wear that hideous yellow band!

2.  I have an irrational fear and hatred of tubular-like-holes. Good lord even writing that sounds ridiculous I know, yet makes my skin crawl, I want to dry-reach and am physically repulsed by them! Just any tubular-like-holes, doesn’t matter the form – I am utterly repulsed! There are even flower seed pods that I cannot look at (see: Lotus seed heads). I’ve had this fear/hatred all my life and yet only recently found out there is actually a name for this condition – Trypophobia.

3.  I own 250+ pairs of shoes. This is not an exaggeration.

4.  I have been known to get changed several times in one day (kinda love fashion – just a tad!)

5.  I associate people and things with colour. Like when I meet someone I will see them as a colour and associate them with a colour. Is that weird? I’m not sure how else to properly explain the ‘colour thing’. Obviously people who are not so nice, will be associated with a not-so-nice colour. Also, I dislike purple and wholeheartedly believe it should be reserved for Barney, and Barney alone!

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6.  I am OCD. Not in the way that the condition is way too easily thrown around nowadays, but ACTUALLY OCD (it makes me mad that everyone claims to have this – why would you want to have OCD?). I literally had to ween myself off/teach myself, and this took several years, to stop doing things an even amount of times. I realise I am now going to sound bat-shit crazy, but I used to repeat, in my head, certain sounds or short sentences so that they were said/heard an even number of times. I also had the same routine every night before I went to bed to ensure I did certain things twice (light switches , cupboard checks, etc). I no longer do any of this but still have to do a huge amount of things in even numbers and buy things in even amounts. I also freak when I’m given an odd number as a ticket or table number and will have to swap it for an even number or it will distract me for the entire day/night – I even changed my mobile number to ensure it was an even number. Also patterns need to be a certain way on clothes, marks on things do my head in and with shoes – they have to be exactly identical (not a single mark or stitch out-of-place) or it will bug me to the point I just can’t wear something.  I love leopard print, but do you know how long it took me to find the perfect pair of leopard loafers that had as-close-to the exact same pattern on both shoes – LOL. Also, in my world, left = odd and right = even.

7.  Staying on the topic of odd numbers – In my world, the only uneven number that is acceptable is 13 because it’s my birthdate, but I justify it by adding the 1+3 together, which equals 4 and 4 is my favourite even number.

8.  I am TERRIFIED of spiders! I have arachnophobia to the point I can’t even look at a picture of a spider on-screen without losing the plot. They move at night because the know they shouldn’t be there creeping around. Also, shoes – they should wear tiny little spider shoes so that we know when they are coming! I’m not really fussed about any other bugs (unless they resemble a spider).

9.  I love all seasons, and adore the beach, but secretly my favourite season is Winter.

10.  I became a qualified makeup artist purely because I am obsessed with beauty products and all things beauty, and of course so that I could do my own makeup like a boss, but I knew full well I would never actually choose makeup artistry as a full-time job.

11.  I have NEVER ‘dreamt of my wedding day’ and I’ve never understood girls that do

12.  When I was really little, I invented a name for Hermit Crabs (obviously I didn’t know that’s what they were called). My family frequented the beach often (we spent most weekends at Waiheke) and I would always say ‘the kerbies are here’ or ‘I saw kerbies yesterday’ and my family were like ‘what the heck are kerbies?’. It took them months to find out what kerbies were. My cousin ran in the house one day yelling “I finally know what kerbies are!!!! They’re hermit crabs”. Apparently I picked up an empty shell that was outside the front door and said ‘aww kerbie gone’.

13.  My superpower is distraction, but I wish it was invisibility.

14.  I find necessities such as putting petrol in my car, having to use the bathroom and sleeping, incredibly annoying and a waste of life!

15.  My best friend has been my bestie for 25 years  and still remains my best friend ever. Hi Trace 🙂

16.  When I was 5 years old I got sick and went into a coma and my family were warned not to leave the hospital and to prepare for the worst as I may not pull through. The next day I was jumping up and down on the bed making fun of the doctor’s name. Till this day, they still have no idea what it was that put me in a coma, nor what it was that bought me out of the coma.

17.  I have the cutest grey cat in the world named Jolie, who I rescued after she was dumped not far from where I live. I’m convinced she understands everything I say to her.

18.  I did gymnastics for 7 years.

19.  Walking outside in strong windy weather makes me instantly angry (I would not bode well in Wellington).

20.  I have always had a sixth sense/belief that I cannot have children. I have no idea if this is true, nor medical proof to back up this irrational belief, but a little part of me still thinks it’s factual.

21.  I’m terrified of the dark and I still sleep with the light on (yes, the light on, every night!)

22.  My favourite word to say is cryptosporidium.

23.  I love guys names for girls.

24.  I am addicted to the Crime Investigation channel.

25.  I believe that no child should ever be named Bruce.

26.  I love owls.

27.  I believe that ants scream ‘tiny ant screams’ when people kill them

28.  Every time I swim in sea water I hear the Jaws theme in my head and have to exit immediately.

29.  I have only ever cut my hair short once (the Rachael) and I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror for weeks because I felt so ugly. I wore it up every day until it grew long.

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30.  My biggest HATE in the whole wide world is animal cruelty. If I see an image of an animal caged up, read about an animal cruelty case or see something awful happening to an animal on TV, I will have that image/thought in my head for weeks and it will depress the heck outta me. I truly believe that someone who can be cruel to a defenseless animal has no soul and belongs in hell!

31.  I am the fussiest, pickiest eater in the world (my friends, my guy, my family will vouch for this). Oh, and my favourite savoury food is Italian

32.  I hate discussing money and dislike stingy/tight people

33.  I have NEVER scrolled through my guys Facebook page. Yes, he thinks this is strange, as do my friends.  I just don’t see the point.

34.  I am directionally challenged! I know one route to every location and once I know that route, that is the only one I will take, even if I’m told there is a quicker way. If I took the quicker way, I would get lost – that is a fact!

35.  I cannot watch or hear someone else brushing their teeth – not even on TV. The sound doesn’t bother me whilst I’m brushing my own teeth, but someone else brushing their teeth within earshot… *shudder*

36.  I very rarely cry

37.  I love love love Christmas – it is my favourite time of the year

38.  I wish I still had my grandparents and am extremely envious of those that still do.

39.  I can’t stand repetitive noise – it drives me insane! I will literally rip a pen out of a stranger’s hand if they are consistently ‘pen-clicking’ near me

40.  My guilty pleasure is watching the Home & Away omnibus’

41.  The moment I get up, I have to make my bed and it must be made to perfection! I won’t even hop in the shower until my bed is made.

42.  I was personally victimised by Regina George. OK that’s not true, but I love the movie ‘Mean Girls’.

43.  My favourite saying right now is “no more beersies for you”.

44.  I believe brussel sprouts are satanic baby cabbages disguised as vegetables.

45.  I am a control freak, yet ridiculously indecisive when it comes to only being allowed to choose one item!

46.  My pet peeves are people who eat with their mouth open, loud gum-chewers, rude shop assistants, shop assistants that look about 20 and call me ‘love’ ‘sweetie’ or ‘honey’ – I am at least 10 years your senior – are you kidding me?! People that say ‘smile’ when you are either sitting at your desk, reading or walking past them – yeah do you know how ridiculous I would look if I walked around with a huge smile on my face for no reason, 24/7? I’d get locked up! What if my pet just died – do you still think ‘smile’ is an appropriate request?

47.  When I was little my mum found me in the bath, visibly upset and practically scrubbing my legs raw.  When she asked what the heck I was doing, I replied “I’m trying to make my skin clean – I don’t want to be dirty and the brown won’t come off me”.  My mum asked where on earth this was coming from, and why did I think my skin was dirty, to which I replied “a girl at gymnastics told me my skin wasn’t white and pointed out that hers was white and clean”.  Being the only olive-skinned girl at gymnastics (of Croatian, French, Spanish descent) I thought that I was meant to be her colouring and that I just hadn’t scrubbed my skin clean enough. My mum said to me, when you are older you will love your olive skin and girls will wish they had your colouring.  I didn’t believe her at the time, but she was right – I’m SO grateful for my naturally olive skin; and I’m happy to report I no longer try to scrub away my natural tan ha ha.

48.  I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I have more clothes than I could ever wear in my entire lifetime.

49.  When I was little – I wore braces (not the little ones, not the clear ones, the big ugly ones), glasses (thick brown glasses), had a fringe and pigtails.  Not fun!  Thank god photos weren’t digital back then!

50.  I am extremely sarcastic! Is sarcasm really the lowest form of humour? Is it? Really?!

Well, that concludes the ’50 Random Facts About Me’ tag. I would love to see or read 50 Random Facts about you, so leave a link below if you have completed this tag, or if you too have some of the same idiosyncracies as me – let me know so that I don’t feel quite so, well, random! Oh, and If you haven’t been tagged – consider yourself tagged now 🙂

Ange x
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Gurlinterrupted Facebook, beauty blog nz, fashion blog nz, style blog nz, heels, shoes, clothes,
Gurlinterrupted Facebook, beauty blog nz, fashion blog nz, style blog nz, heels, shoes, clothes,
Gurlinterrupted Facebook, beauty blog nz, fashion blog nz, style blog nz, heels, shoes, clothes,


  1. Jacqui

    July 3, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    Lol! Knew a few, didn’t know a lot of these facts. Love you anyway, these little things are what make you…you! x

    • Gurlinterrupted

      July 3, 2013 at 5:21 pm

      Naaww thanks honey xx (hey and you even have one of my fave things… if you shorten your name – LOVE LOVE LOVE!!)

  2. Nicola

    July 6, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    I love reading these types of posts (probably because I’m naturally a little nosey!) – thanks for sharing. Would love to see your shoe collection!

    • Gurlinterrupted

      July 6, 2013 at 7:47 pm

      Thanks Nicola, I’m a lil nosey too, so I ended up getting hooked on watching and reading others after I completed mine 🙂 love your site as well, so cool and helpful for living a healthy lifestyle xx

  3. Rachael

    July 7, 2013 at 1:24 pm

    I think its really freakin’ cool that you represent people with colour. I made a career around colour as a medium, so I find that absolutely fascinating. Just found your blog througha G+ community – I’m smitten!

    xx Rachael

    • Gurlinterrupted

      July 7, 2013 at 2:01 pm

      Hey Thanks Rachael – thats so cool you have made a career around colour! I love your blog by the way – I’m following you on Google+
      I find it so hard to describe how I see people and things as a colour, but you clearly get it 🙂

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  5. Nishu

    October 1, 2013 at 2:08 pm

    hahahah! loved reading about you girl.. you are such a good writer btw! I did a similar post last month: here’s the link!


    • Gurlinterrupted

      October 1, 2013 at 10:43 pm

      Naaw thanks so much! I did indeed check out your similar post – very cool. Love reading other peoples posts like these, lots of fun.

      Thanks for reading and commenting

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