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Lately I’ve had A LOT of people ask me where I got my new business cards made (always a good sign that they are lookin fab), so I thought heck – probably about time I give the producer of these lovely cards a plug – he deserves it and more!

I’ve worked with Simon for over 5 years on various projects, so it made sense that when I needed business cards for my website, Simon was my ‘go to’ guy.

Here’s the outline I gave Simon for my cards “I want something that’s really me!  Something that say’s fashion, beauty, lifestyle without actually stating ‘fashion, beauty, lifestyle’.  I don’t want it to look cluttered; and I don’t really want colour, but I also don’t want it to look boring or like its come straight off some generic ‘order your business cards online company’.  I want it embossed, but I kinda want it debossed too and with a real point of difference, oh – and I want it to look beautiful and clean”.  Yes, I can imagine what you are thinking, this girls not high maintenance at all! ha ha Yes admittedly it was a tall order.  But look what Simon came up with. 

NZ Fashion Beauty Blogger Business Cards

A beautiful heavy white stock used for the base of the card.  It features a mirror (yes an actual beautiful reflective mirror) with the mirror frame (which is one of my logos) embossed on one side.  On the opposite side of the card – all my website/contact details are surrounded by the same mirror frame – only on this side, the mirror frame is debossed. Isn’t he clever!!

NZ Fashion Beauty Blogger Business Cards

So, if you are after some cool business cards, printing. promo gear, or anything branded for that matter SIMON SKELTON OF STATIC COMMUNICATE is your man!! (warning…. I’ve made him swear on his life to never replicate a mirrored business card or mirror frame ever again ha ha – not that any of you wouldn’t want your own original masterpiece of course!)

You can reach Simon by visiting his website STATIC COMMUNICATE or via email

Ange x

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