The Colour Wheel

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The Colour Wheel – this is as much of a wardrobe staple as the LBD, only, BRIGHTER!!

So, I don’t know about you guys, but me, I hear this sentence a lot when I’m out shopping……”I love this colour but it really won’t go with anything in my wardrobe” (maybe you’ve even said it yourself?!). Or, “this colour top/pants/skirt is gorgeous, buuuut, I’ll just buy it in black because black goes with everything”.  Enter, the Colour Wheel…..

This is a quick and easy guide to ALWAYS knowing what colours to team together and which ‘colour opposites’ attract!  To get started here are some easy steps to using the Colour Wheel. These combinations are the perfect ‘colour partners’ on the wheel:

1. Colours that form a 90 degree right angle with each other. e.g. green & orange; violet-red & blue; red-orange & yellow.

2. Colours that are directly next to each other. e.g. green & blue-green; yellow & orange-yellow; violet & blue-violet (basically, any colour directly next to each other goes, clockwise or anti-clockwise).

3. Colours that form a ‘T’  e.g. orange, blue & violet-red; yellow, violet & blue-green (you get the picture).

4. Colours directly across from each other. e.g. orange & blue; red & green; orange-yellow & blue-violet.

5. Colours that form an ‘X’  e.g. yellow-green, blue, orange, violet-red or orange, blue, violet, yellow.

Given brown is a neutral, rest assured it will go with pretty much any colour on the Colour Wheel.  As will black and white.

So, when you choose an item of clothing in a colour that has you a little baffled as to what you should partner it with, find it on the Colour Wheel and use the steps listed above to find it’s perfect colour combo!

For accessories, team gold toned jewellery with ‘warm’ coloured outfits and silver toned jewellery with ‘cool’ coloured outfits (using the ‘Warm/Cool’ Wheel below).


Happy Colour-Combining xx


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