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Earlier this week I headed to the “Rose & Thorne Fit Studio” to meet with bra guru, Sue Dunmore, who has over 10 years experience in the lingerie business, and is the co-founder of Rose & Thorne, for my very first bra fitting (yes you read that right, my very first).

Now admittedly, when I was first invited to The Fit Studio, my initial thought was “I have a good 20+ years of wearing a bra, I think I’ve got this down”, and although I do LOVE lingerie, and own many, many sets, in a vast array of colours (my OCD requires me to match my lingerie to my outfit colour every single day), bras are definitely NOT my favourite thing to shop for.  I tend to find a bra I love (after trying on a tonne that I hate) and then buy that one bra in every colour, as it’s few and far between that you find the ‘perfect bra’.

So, off I head to The Fit Studio (secretly confident that I will show them I don’t need schooling in ‘bra wearing 101’) where I’m greeted by Sue and instantly feel at ease.  Chatting with the ladies in the studio, any fears I had of awkward moments went straight out the window.  Discussing how the Rose & Thorne style system works was honestly like catching up with girlfriends that I’ve known for years.

They explain that to keep things simple, and because woman tend to find a bra they love and then stick to that style [oh dear god, they’re reading my mind and stealing my thoughts], they have just five styles, perfectly designed to meet all your under garment needs – the right bra for any occasion!  I realise that these ladies know exactly what they’re talking about, I had literally just said this to the girls in the office before heading to my fitting,   Sue goes on to explain these five styles will continue to be made, so that women know that when they find their perfect bra at Rose & Thorne, that bra will always be there when they return for a new one (perhaps in a different colour) GENIUS!!

The five styles…

Easy Peezy
Easy Peezy is dramatic glamour you can wear everyday!  A great choice under your work shirt or black dress alike and perfect for those that wish they could go without a bra at all!

Betty Boobs
A deceptive bra that shapes like something a bit heavier duty. With fantastic side smoothing power this magical bra packs a lot of shape creating punch!  Perfect for those of us whose boobs try escaping out of the side

Curvylicious is the ultimate chameleon with many guises! A great go-to bra for all body shapes. A bra that works with your natural curves to create an unbelievably flattering shape over all.

Perky Power
Boosting your cup by a whole size whilst making it look natural?  That’s Perky Power!  Designed with a hidden helper at the bottom of the cup and a plunging neckline for amazing cleavage!

Smooth Operator
Smooth Operator is the shape for the woman who wants their bra to disappear under their work shirt, form-fitting top or dress. It’s the ultimate T-shirt bra!

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Not only is the fit & style system genius – it’s all totally affordable! So affordable in fact, the most you will pay for a bra at Rose & Throne is $30.  Totally affordable lingerie and given what you would pay in most stores, sans the bra guru, it’s actually a steal!

So, did I get schooled? GAH! I really, really dislike being schooled in something I think I know everything about, but yes!  Yes I was schooled, yes I learnt A LOT, and yes I will be going back.  I walked out with the most beautiful (and perfectly fitting) lingerie set, and have turned into that annoying person that is now preaching to all the woman in the office, as well as my friends about how “every woman should have at least one professional bra fitting in their lifetime” and that the place to go is the Rose & Thorne Fit Studio.  Seriously, if you’ve never had a professional bra fitting, do it, it’ll change your life. If not your life, it’ll definitely change your shape!

Head over to, book a bra fitting and check out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about finding the perfect bra.

Oh and PS: As I’m about to leave the studio, a cabinet featuring beautifully edited pieces catches my eye.  I comment on the fabulously dressed store and the various items in the cabinet, and Sarah – one of the ladies I was chatting with earlier, ever so casually says “oh yes, Sue put that together, just as did she this book back when she work with Marc Jacobs”. SHE USED TO WORK WITH MARC JACOBS!! This woman knows a little something about style!

Ange x
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Gurlinterrupted Facebook, beauty blog nz, fashion blog nz, style blog nz, heels, shoes, clothes,
Gurlinterrupted Facebook, beauty blog nz, fashion blog nz, style blog nz, heels, shoes, clothes,
Gurlinterrupted Facebook, beauty blog nz, fashion blog nz, style blog nz, heels, shoes, clothes,

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