Young At Heart: The Parcel I Received (and you could too) That Whisked Me Back In Time..

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Introducing the most amazing trial I’ve EVER taken part in (PLUS, find out how you can now take part too). This magical beauty product has already made HUGE waves in the UK and US – as in actual headline news – and it’s about to be launched right here in New Zealand (and Australia).  Check out the footage and read on to find out how you too can get your hands on a FREE 28 day trial pack!  There’s a limited number of free trial packs across New Zealand and Australia, so make sure you stay tuned to find out how to get your pack before it arrives in-store in April.  I’ll include the link to apply for a trial pack further below, but for now, click HERE to see the headline news footage and learn more about this gem of a beauty product.

So I received an email a little while back inviting me to take part in an exclusive ‘pre-launch blogger trial’ for the new Avon (yes, you read that right, Avon) Anew Clinical Pro line Corrector Treatment with A-F33.  To be honest – I’d already heard a LOT of hype about this product from a friend in the UK over a year ago, who had, on 2 separate occasions, queued with hundreds of other hopefuls, only to miss out on getting said miracle product, as it sold out across the UK and US within just weeks of it going on sale! So of course – I jumped at the chance to take part in the 28 day ‘Young at Heart’ journey and seriously, this is the most adorable, amazing, fun trial I’ve ever taken part in.

AVON ANEW Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment with A-F33 NZ Beauty Blogger #youngatheart

When my friend first said to me  ‘you HAVE to check out this new Avon product, it’s call Avon Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment’, I thought, really? Avon?  This is the same girl who pretty much lives on ‘strictly high end, big name products’ so admittedly I was a little surprised she was raving about this Avon product like it’d been hand delivered by the gods of eternal youth.  Heck, I didn’t even realize Avon was still around, let alone creating such a stir amongst the beauty community.

As soon as I opened my ‘Young at Heart’ pack and saw the contents within, I was taken straight back to the carefree days of my youth. My Young at Heart pack contained…. A personalized Barbie pencil-case, colouring in pens, candy necklaces, pez dispensers, magic pop’n rocks, a glitter skipping rope, elastics, everything I needed to send hand written letters (yup, as in, good old snail mail – god I miss receiving actual hand written letters), even pink string so I could play string games (remember making cats whiskers just by looping the string around your fingers in a certain way?).   I mean, they thought of EVERYTHING!! They even included skipping rope rhymes, hand clapping chants, schoolyard games, long forgotten food recipes like fairy bread and chip sandwiches, and oh, the hand-made paper ‘chatterbox’ (you know the one, it was made by folding paper a certain way so your fingers could slot into place – it had colours on the outside, numbers on the inside and then, right in the very middle – the mystery message you unsuspectingly chose).

AVON ANEW Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment with A-F33 NZ Beauty Blogger #youngatheart

Ahem, sorry, I digress… bottom line, I was captivated and determined to use this skin care product EVERY morning and EVERY night.  I mean, when this much effort goes into launching a product that’s already taken the global market by storm, I’m thinking this has got to be worth trying right?  And try it I did.  The results?  Pretty damn awesome!  It actually does what it says it will do!  It’s been weeks now and I’m definitely seeing a difference.  My skin feels A-MAY-ZING!!!!  The fine lines around my eyes appear to have minimized quite a bit and my skin is just glowing (no, I’m not pregnant), it really is glowing. Plus it looks & feels super healthy.  Who knows how this product works – apparently it’s the secret A-F33 ingredient, All I know is that my skin is responding really well to it, I’m loving it and I’m not sure what I’ll do when I run out. 

So… how do you get your hands on a FREE 28 day trial pack? Well, first of all, ya gotta be following my blog.  Can I say that?  Probably not!  But anyway – make sure you are following my blog – this will give you good juju, increase your chances of being chosen for the trial pack; and every time another person follows me – a fairy gets its wings.  OK – CLICK HERE to be transported back in time and to be in with a chance to receive a free 28 day trial pack. 

Right – I’m off to jump rope, make fairy bread and send someone special a hand written letter!  Whilst I’m doing that – check out a couple more images of this amazing Avon Young at Heart pack.

#youngatheart NZ Beauty Blogger Avon Anew Clinical Pro Line Treatment A-F33 Beauty Anti Ageing Cream

#youngatheart NZ Beauty Blogger Avon Anew Clinical Pro Line Treatment A-F33 Beauty Anti Ageing Cream

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